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Obama has promised to Americans work

the Definitive version of the plan of the White house on struggle against unemployment which in July has made 9,1 percent, will be published in the near future.

According to Obama, new workplaces will appear at the expense of a construction of roads, bridges and schools. Also it is expected that the unemployment benefit will be increased. The president also has complained that its administration should operate in difficult financial conditions as the former president George Bush - younger has left after itself a budgeted deficit at a rate of trillion dollars. It is necessary to notice that following the results of 2011 which comes to the end on September, 30th, deficiency of the federal budget is expected in the sum of 1,3 trillion dollars. The president has responded to a question on how Obama is going to spend the bill of new workplaces through the House of Representatives supervised by republicans, that has considered a variant at which its opponents will show resistance. If the Congress does not pass the bill Obama has promised « to start on a journey and talk to the people ».

on August, 29th it became known that Obama has put forward on fast of the chairman of Economic Council of the professor of Princeton university of Alan Kruger, the known expert in the field of work economy. In the White house hope that it will render the essential help of administration in struggle against unemployment.


the Majority of Americans against Barack Obama`s re-election

As bears poll spent by University Kvinnipiak among voters, the majority of Americans does not want, that the president remained for the second term. 51 percent of respondents has spoken against Obama`s re-elections and 42 percent have expressed it support. Among potential candidates for presidents from republicans in poll were in the lead eks - governor Massachusestsa Mitt Romni and the governor of Texas Rik Perr.

Obama`s Rating and legislators in the Congress steadily went down in process of growth of unemployment and inhalings with an exit of economy from financial crisis. Poll spent in August by firm Gallup, has fixed that activity of the president in economic sphere 39 % of respondents countenance, legislators -   less than 20 %.