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And to you than this summer was remembered?

Dmitry Nikolaev, the teacher of sports dances (a commune of Choresku):

- the Trip to St.-Petersburg and the press that I have visited Finland. In Peter I liked Russian museum, bathing in Neva and the Peter and Paul Fortress. And in Finland — a museum of the Finnish basketball.  

Konstantin HARET, the director of the State Russian drama theatre of a name of Chekhov:

- Rest in Bulgaria. Have gone with a family by the car to Bulgaria on two weeks. Summer holiday was remembered by dialogue with the nature and children.  

Valentina RADCHENKO, the stylist:  

- the Last summer for me has stood out very sated. There were many the interesting trips, new acquaintances and meetings. The brightest impressions remained from competition « Ms. Tourism - Moldova » Where I worked as the stylist. And at me it has turned out to get out home, to Ukraine. There at parents I have spent some very happy days.  

Silvija of the ONION, the actress of Russian theatre of a name of A. P.Chekhov:

- I am happy with the holiday though on the sea to get out and it was not possible. The spouse has been occupied on work. But I all the same enjoyed rest because near to me there was a son who has arrived to us on vacation. In July has visited on a film festival Romania, in Ploeshtah from what has received a true pleasure.  

Olga IOVVA, the teacher:  

is a summer to me anything especial it was not remembered. This year to have a rest I did not go anywhere, only in sanatorium. But there everything, as usual.  

Natalia CHOBANU, the photographer:

- in the Summer I passed examinations, protected the thesis and handed over entrance examinations on masterat so all the summer long prepared also rest especially have not felt. Since August, 3rd I had a free time, but unless it is enough of it?!  

Angela MIRCHA, the bank worker:  

- Most of all to me it was remembered that this summer in university my son arrived. Has arrived! And it is healthy. And for the sea have gone - had a rest, forces were typed.

Inna MOROSHJAN, the correspondent of TV channel « Moldova - 1 »:  

- all the summer long in work has passed, without holiday. So - especially and there is nothing to remember!  

ORLIK, the visitor of a site www./> - Eternally you wait for this summer, and it flies by instantly! The summer to me was remembered by that I at last - that have met the love! Next year at us wedding is planned!