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The fashion included special cosmetic surgery: the sexual!

a plasticity of sexual lips,   change of the form of a vagina, gimenoplastika   - virginity restoration, surgical defloratsija, - what only does not offer things modern « intimate surgery ».

And here that is interesting!

« demand for sexual cosmetic operation among women has over the last 10 years increased in 5 times » - has informed Daily Mail.

In England intimate plastic arts do about 2 thousand women a year.  

thus   new research has shown that the majority I will give, which ask « a design vagina » actually does not need it.

Research has proved: women have dared at operation therefore as felt defective   - after viewing of corresponding intimate advertising in mass-media.

- Women are filled up by the images assuming that they are not normal, - Sarai Kriton from London has declared the doctor.

33 women gathering for intimate operation participated in its research, among them schoolgirls and even 11 - the summer girl.

they were examined by doctors - it has appeared only at three ladies really there are real indications to similar surgery, that is asymmetry of genitals. At others the problem not in an intimate place, and is faster, in a head.

it is abomination, especially because we see as the beauty industry forces to lay down under a knife of absolutely very young girls, - has told doctor Kriton Bi - bi - si. - And they are ready to go on operation though consequences from similar procedure sovreshenno are unpredictable!