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Why women have stopped loving Obama

As to the American predilections now the owner of the White house to rejoice there is especially nothing - both with man`s, and from the female party of America.

If, for example, in the first 100 days of board of Barack Obama of the American supported it more than men: 68 % against 60 % now female support has rolled down to 50 %. Love if has not come to an end has strongly grown dull, not in the last instance because millions American supporters - men cannot find today the worthy work, many - on a broader scale any. Their wives it, clearly, not strongly pleases, and they assign fault clearly to whom. Thus men too nowadays not too favour the president - judging by poll which recently have spent Associated Press - GfK, only 3 from 10 white independent voters consider that he merits re-election.


That is remarkable - one of these days and millions Russians have remembered Obama a bad word, and too from - for personal material reasons. Past week on them so has worked a television movie « the End of an epoch of dollar » that, without having understood that it not the real chronicle, and someone the cooked up Antiamerican propaganda material, they have run to sell « native » green currency which many long years supported in them (if, certainly, was available) belief in the reliable future. Whom it was to accuse of dream wreck, if not the American president who nearly has not finished dollar « to the handle » not Putin who only also dreams of it?

  But if today to Barack Obama the Russian voters that is called, to a bulb, not to the Kremlin he is going to move in 2012 with American to have to be considered. And here you will not get off with fine gesture as there was it some years ago in Florida where thanks to a presidential kiss unfortunate homeless woman Genrietta Hughes has solved many problems, or the letter to the jobless inhabitant of a small town in Michigan which has sold it for 7 thousand dollars and has managed to pay debts for a mortgage loan. However kind Santa Claus for all Americans who need today support, to Barack Obama to become yet it is not possible, and general renaming of settlements into its honour as it was made by one loveful inhabitant of California, too does not occur. So it is necessary to solve the most complicated problems almost in an emergency order, yet has not burst a pre-election thunder.

  And, first of all, clearly, a problem of budgetary deficiency which holds for uzdtsy the American economy literally, and a policy too if to remember recent war of nerves in the Capitol, nearly not led to a default. Here, truth, some gleam - according to the forecast of Budgetary management of the Congress began to dawn, the budgeted deficit following the results of this fiscal year has decreased on 100 billion dollars in comparison with April calculations. The same favorable forecast is made and on the end of September, 2012, and also concerning some decrease in unemployment which, nevertheless, remains at enough high level - 8,7 %. Promulgation new « Now expect; revolutionary » the plan of the president on reduction of budgetary deficiency on 1,5 trln dollars with which it should act, having returned from holiday.

  For many, truth, remains a riddle: what budgetary expenses will appear under presidential « an axe » as he promised not to touch vital for millions Americans social programs, including medical aid? For now the president`s team definitively grinds its next historical speech, one of the richest people in the world Warren Baffet has suggested to solve a problem of budgetary deficiency in pure « democratic » a key - to raise taxes for rich Americans, which and so receive considerable tax privileges. As an example it even has resulted in percentage own tax payments and payments of employees of its company at which they have appeared (in percentage terms to incomes) above. According to Baffeta, increase of taxes, in particular for rich, - a unique way to cope with crisis and to return to Americans belief in ability of the government to solve financial problems of the country.

  the Initiative of the known investor - not the first attempt of representatives of the American business elite « to stop up » the gaps which are not giving to possibility to the American economy to gain the necessary speed that affects and their interests. However taken measures as it is possible to judge on recent performance far from optimism in state of Wyoming of head FRS of Ben Bernanke, are far from desirable result. A situation with economy restoration, he recognised, it has appeared worse, than it was expected, with the residual crisis phenomena to consult till now it is not possible. Therefore, as the head of the Central Bank recognised, the Committee on the open markets has reconsidered the forecast on growth of economy of the USA the next quarters towards fall.

  And here in this not the opportunity there was an event which has called into question a sentence of newspaper The Washington Times asserting that the button « reboots » has broken. Yes, today relations of the White house with the Kremlin really leave much to be desired. But at the same time one of these days prime minister Vladimir Putin who still recently was not mincing words in relation to the USA, naming them « a parasite » In world economy, blagoslavljaet in Sochi the agreement Russian « Rosneft » with American ExxonMobil which not only will master together Arctic regions and Gulf of Mexico, but, it is not excluded, and to carry out joint projects in territory of the third countries.

  So all depends on it is better to press what button.


  it is clear that today the world community interests Libyan « more; the button » and the one who will supervise it finally as hide-and-seek of the Libyan leader Muammara Kaddafi which site till last day was not known, declines. So, for example, the Italian sources asserted that it disappears in the Bath city - Valid in 100 kilometres to the south from Tripoli, according to other data, it was sheltered by the president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe in which estate ostensibly now and head Dzhamahirii resides. From all information stream about a residence of Kaddafi and members of his family that the part of its members of household was sheltered by the authorities of Algeria is authentically known only, having called it indignation of leaders of the Libyan insurgents.

  However while « revolutionaries » declared an award in 1,7 million dollars for capture of Kaddafi, try to stifle last centres of resistance of its supporters by means of NATO aircraft, « pathfinders » aspire to find the treasures of the dictator hidden in foreign banks. The sum of 50 billion dollars is called. The curious detail which connect and with financial secrets of a family of Kaddafi is here again found out. It appears, in June of this year in Russia record inflow of foreign investments - 87,7 mlrd dollars has been fixed, and half of this sum has arrived from Switzerland as short-term credits where after a while have returned 24,6 mlrd dollars.

  What it for money, is more exact - whose? Under the certificate of authoritative Moscow experts, Russia in this case used as a laundry - have banished illegal money through a financial system and have received the legal. As some observers believe, traces of this operation conduct to dictators, including to Kaddafi, « to which urgently needed to hide more reliably the billions in order to avoid confiscation by resolutely adjusted international community ». And Russia obviously removed from the future sharing of generous Libyan bowels, has appeared in this respect very convenient partner.


However if this version still needs acknowledgement direct participation of NATO military men in land operations against forces of Kaddafi already does not call doubts. English The Guardian directly writes that along with veterans of Special air service (SAS), the British members of spetsnaz who are on active duty who have helped insurgents to carry out storm of Tripoli participate in operations in Libya also. As German newspaper Handelsblatt notices, Paris, London and Washington hope that the Libyan insurgents in quality of gratitude for the given support will award with their contracts on oil recovery. But which with whom they have already started to pay off for support, for example, with the Palestinian terrorists who have provided anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles SA - 7, « Hailstones » and other weapon withdrawn from military warehouses of a mode of Kaddafi. So if someone has questions on orientation Libyan « Revolutionaries » these deliveries definitely respond: tell, who your friends, and we will tell, who you.

  Anyway, recent attempt of the Palestinian act of terrorism in Tel - Abib children but which, fortunately, managed to be prevented in time were which purpose as it is found out, became one more evident certificate of what purposes are pursued by the Palestinians achieving creation of the state for the Israeli bill, and those who supports them. As warn the Israeli special services, it was one more signal about a planned wave « September terror » without dependence how the question in the United Nations about the Palestinian statehood will be solved. Differently, at gangsters on all one answer. And even at those who disappears under respectable masks. One of them belongs to the influential Arabian journalist and the editor of London newspaper Al - Quds Al - Arabi to Abdelja of Bari to Atvana quite often appearing on screens BBC, publishes it and newspaper Guardian. And so, this mister remorselessly joyfully greeted recent act of terrorism around Eilat. He has promised « to dance for pleasure on Trafalgar Square » in case of the Iranian nuclear attack across Israel.

  Englishmen, as it is known, people clean also possess a fine sense of smell. It is strange, as they suffer at themselves near by this stench, to get rid from which, apparently, it is possible only dust.