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Three approximate Samara family men plundered « queens of gaz stations »

31 - summer Vadim worked taksisom on « the twelfth ». As obliges it was necessary to refuel then, there. Also bombed has paid attention: frequently at night at station only one woman - the operator is on duty. And around - not a soul.

- How much it is possible to plough for copecks, - Vadim was converted to friends. - here for a night it is possible to break a rather strong large sum. Have gone, I have thought up all!

Guys have thought over. A permanent job at them was not. And here families were at all. Have solved: to feed wives and children it is necessary.

  « On business » left for the first time on December, 23rd last year. For bravery were pumped up by alcohol. In four mornings have approached   to refuelling in the street Litvinova in Zubchaninovke.

- you go while one, - Vadim has sent podelnika. - if that, call on help. To all of us together to be shone yet does not cost.

Mount the predator has broken a window and has got inside. The operator and has not had time to come round, as has received on a head the same tool. While the woman lay on a floor, the predator has climbed in cash desk: all two thousand roubles!

- Hey you, where all money?! - The moron has shouted at a victim. - I to you now will decorate a physiognomy!

- On me have not reported, - has found forces to respond the woman.

Then the drunk robber has changed countenance and began to thrash the working woman of refuelling by mount and fists. Despite a wild pain, the woman and did not admit, where a gain. At last the aggressor has found itself 42 thousand roubles, sgreb money and a bullet has taken off on street.

Successful first experience has excited on continuation « earnings ». But the following victim has appeared more attentively. Having seen the man with mount, it a bullet has flown in a toilet.

- Hallo, militia! - has cried zapravshchitsa. - Me plunder! Write down the address.

Having got a fright, predators have seized money from cash desk and have rushed nautek. Though actually the woman did not have with itself phone, it was rescued by sharpness.

In attacks on gaz stations has passed some days. Going on business, predators each time got drunk - probably that was not so terribly to finish with defenceless women. Once podelniki so were typed that have lost extraction. Robbers bore in hands of 70 thousand roubles and when the wind has blown, denominations has scattered on refuelling territory. There was no time to collect - to inform as a result it was possible only 20 thousand roubles.

In three weeks of night predators nevertheless have detained. Wives of arrested persons have been most of all amazed - they at all did not suspect that their husbands beat and have plundered zapravshchits. Women have told to inspectors that them   men - modest, teetotal guys, did everything, that children what did not need.

- I never saw its drunk, - the wife of one of robbers cried on interrogation. - it the exemplary family man and the good father. It never would make the such.

And trace gave evidences the exemplary family man .

- there was no also a day that I sober came, - the guy admits. - work nervous, and on « business » without the hot you will not go.

This   a previous conviction at all the first. Now criminal case is passed in the Samara regional court. Under articles « robbery » and « a robbery » to each of arrested persons shines from 5 till 12 years.