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How correctly to squat, if the back

is ill Has started to dig a potato, has pulled a back, not to sigh, as they say... And ahead even the whole autumn. Tablets do not help. How to be?
Paul Stepanovich.

- As it was more than once told - first aid at an acute pain - to put ice. For a short while! No more than five minutes. The cold removes a hypostasis a little, relieving a pain. It is possible to make some simple exercises to remove back hypostases. If it is very sick, it is possible for a while under a back (where is ill) to enclose a hot-water bottle filled with ice. A cold and exercises give good medical effect:

1. Lying on a back (under a back ice), hands behind a head, feet are bent, stops are densely pressed to a floor. Accurately, on a deep exhalation pull shoulders to knees, without tearing off a torso from a floor. Hardly stand and and return to home position. To repeat 10 - 15 times.

This exercise will help to weaken the bottom department of a back and to strain top, thereby exactly having distributed blood movement, without allowing to accumulate it in a waist.

2. This exercise helps to restore blood circulation in a back and in coxofemoral muscles and joints.

lying in tomzhe a prone position on an exhalation lift a basin upward, having made the semibridge. Repeat 10 - 15 times.

3. Keeping for door handles, as though looking in a jamb on an exhalation slowly squat. Watch, that the back was equal and even hardly cast away back. Make 20 - 25 knee-bends. Some approaches for an evening are possible.

it will help to restore blood circulation in coxofemoral and knee joints, will remove a back pain.