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Over an illegal slaughterhouse thousand flies

public organisation « crowd One of these days; Green patrol »   has glanced in Joint-Stock Company slaughterhouse « Kotelsky » in Kingiseppsky area. The road at entrance on the enterprise has a dark blue tablet. From it to motorists the young drawn bull-calfe cheerfully winks at travellers. And here the kind of the slaughterhouse has resulted checking in horror: horns, hoofs, a skin and the whole heads are fallen down in open iron tanks. Guts and other interiors are scattered directly on the earth, in a dirt. Live animals contain in the gone to pieces hangar. Over a slaughterhouse hordes of flies are turned.

- to hammer in cattle, it is not enough to have an axe and a pig. To send qualitative meat on sale, presence of the veterinary surgeon, drains in the water drain, a disinfectant barrier is necessary. Here we have not seen it, - the chairman « has told; Green patrol » on Severo - I Will sink down Sergey Vinogradov. -   With such success it is possible to die, after all nobody checks these animals, they can be infected by everything.

« Green patrol » sounds alarm. After all as observance of the sanitary code on a slaughterhouse also does not smell.

- Such meat can be infected brutsellezom, the Siberian ulcer and other infections dangerous to the person, - have added in public organisation. - from insanitary conditions suffer affliction not only meat consumers, but also those who is in immediate proximity from slaughterhouses.