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It is possible to feed fiber and to listen to minstrels

Imperial bicycles

Imperial velofestival will pass in the second time. Last year have tried - has passed on hurrah. In it the program not less interesting. One bicycle race of that costs. Notice: you can participate in it, and not just admire from outside.

- we Wait for all interested persons is more senior twelve years,   - have confirmed «» in a press - museum service « Peterhof ». - you will have a possibility at least per day to change on a bicycle and to drive on one of the most beautiful suburbs of Petersburg. Go for a drive, act in film and send to us of the link to your photostories. About velofestivale eyes of participants we will place the story on an official site of memorial estate « Peterhof ».  

the check in Beginning - in 13. 30 on a park meadow « Alexandria ». Bicycles are given by sponsors. In 14. 00 on the area Near the station the column of daredevils starts.

Having returned, they can have a good time also the celebratory program. It includes performance of the extreme command on bicycles BMX, popular group « For the sake of glory » draw of prizes among participants of bicycle race and visitors of festival. Also it will be possible to look at an exhibition of ancient technics.

Peterhof not casually became a venue velofestivalja. The former summer imperial residence was favourite vacation spot of several generations of an imperial family. Here there were bicycles first in Russia, and the first crowned owner « an iron horse » there was emperor Alexander II. The novelty at members of an imperial family associated with rest and health. And now spectators will see a unique collection - from the ancient copies belonging to three generations of the Russian emperors, before last workings out of engineering thought and cycling.

When: On September, 3rd.

Where: Peterhof, park « Alexandria ».

the Beginning: 14. 00.

the Input free. (An input in park 30 - 70 roubles)

to Do some shooting from arbaleta

It is noticed: the more the civilisation develops, the more strongly people pulls to roots. It would Seem, now both mobile phones, and computers, and a waterpipe, and to the people allow from arbaleta to do some shooting yes on a game to sweep with a breeze. Here clever organizers also give such possibility to interested persons. The next festival of the Middle Ages will pass in Russian village « SHuvalovka ».  

Club « Knightly order » has prepared the interesting program: here both horse tournament, and demonstration performances luchnikov both the pedestrian warriors, and flights of birds of prey. Battles and storm of strengthenings become the culmination. And a vesper relaxation - it is musical - the theatrical program with performances   Minstrels and the groups executing medieval music, corresponding dances, igrishcha, performances and passion plays and, as deification, - symbolical burning of a stuffed animal of a witch (do not forget, speech after all about the Middle Ages and then our ancestors were « dark ») .

- During festival will pass games with spectators, - have taken care about interaktive in « SHuvalovke ». - the Interested person we will allow to do some shooting from onions and arbaletov and we will take for a drive on horses. It is possible to be photographed in an armour and with birds of prey. Fair of masters will work also.

to Reach to « SHuvalovki » it is possible on any minibus going to Peterhof from the item of the underground « avtovo » « Leninsky prospect » and « the Prospectus of Veterans » a stop « SHuvalovka ».

When: 3, on September, 4th.

Where: Russian village « SHuvalovka » Sankt - Petersburg sh., 111.

the Beginning: 13. 00.

the Price of tickets: 400 roubles, 200 roubles - children`s and preferential, children till seven years - are free.


to Communicate with having a tail

When on Saturday or Sunday will glance in the most beautiful Pavlovsk park, be not frightened, if at an input you will be met by a little squirrel: with you that`s OK, simply you have got on festival « Pavlovsk squirrel ». With pleasure plunge into it « mass insanity » - last year a feast have visited fifty thousand persons.

Participate in competitions, the master - classes under the image of the squirrel in different kinds and technicians of art creativity. After all it is possible not only to draw fiber, but also to do of felt, and to spin from beads. Also in the feast program - performances of children`s dancing collectives, circus numbers with the trained animals, games, competitions and rewarding of winners, driving on a pony and horses.

the Basic events will be developed on the Area of walks. Here - that visitors also will meet the leader - the Squirrel, and its friends - actors in bright carnival suits, clowns. Undoubtedly, competition of a suit of the squirrel « becomes one of bright events of a feast; Belkin a fur coat » by which results the defile - presentation of dresses and rewarding of winners will take place. If want to participate in suit competition, it is necessary to be registered in point of check in at a scene on the Area of walks on September, 4th in 13. 00.

And the most inquisitive and active visitors of a feast can make travel on routeing sheet « Competing in speed with the squirrel ». The family, correctly and is interesting filled routeing sheet, will receive the invitation to New Year`s representation in the Pavlovsk palace.

Perhaps, to you will carry to meet and the present squirrel. In Pavlovske there live many these small animals, from here and the festival name. Local fibers almost manual, they willingly take a forage from hands, sometimes even persistently demand, with pleasure pose before cameras.

When: 3, on September, 4th.

Where: Pavlovsk, Garden street, 20.

the Beginning: 12. 00 (on September, 3rd), 13. 00 (on September, 4th).

the Price of tickets: 80 roubles (an input in park).


the Quest on the nature

For quite some time now in Petersburg quests - game on orientation became popular. Participants solve riddles, search for answers to questions and carry out a task in view. The person receives pleasure because that solves puzzles and thus as though walks, truth, very quickly: on the task certain time is taken away.

Organizers   FotoQuest have gone further away. Participants begin also photograph places where their route will lie. And it will lie this day in Pavlovske so walk promises to be attractive.

is not sports competitions, therefore we accept everything, - have explained «» in the initiative group which is engaged in city adventure races. It is faster intellectual rest in which it is possible to develop the creative abilities. The sense of these competitions consists that it is necessary to make a megacreative photo on the set subject in the set place. But this place at first should be found. And take a word is   hardly! To you on a way there will be riddles, encryptions, anagrammes, legends and mysterious signs. It is necessary to show remarkable sharpness.

When: on September, 4th.

Where: Pavlovsk, Garden street, 20.

Phone for inquiries (904 556 - 92 - 07.

the Beginning: 11. 00.

the Price of tickets: 300 roubles from the command (1 - 4 persons)

What for are necessary hoofs  

to Acquaintance to hoofed animals have decided to devote the day off in a zoo. Action and is called -   « the Pony and horses ». Camels and donkeys have got To the same company. On them it is possible not only to sweep, but also to feed their vegetable salatikami, to pass the master - a class on care of these animals, and also to participate in excursion « What for hoofs are necessary? ». Horse show with flights of birds of prey becomes the feast culmination.

When: on September, 4th.

Where: Aleksandrovsky park, 4.

the Beginning: 11. 00.

the Price of tickets: 50 - 350 roubles.