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Under a cottage workers have found in Minsk an aviation bomb

Tuesday afternoon dug a foundation ditch for building of the new house along the street Byhovsky. Unexpectedly the dredge has come across any subject. Workers have glanced in a foundation ditch and have seen a huge bomb sticking out of the earth. At once have allowed in militia.

- Police officers have operatively surrounded a place round a dangerous find, - has told « the chief a press - services of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Sergey Kabakovich. - To the place of profit experts vzryvotehnicheskogo the centre of internal troops.

From adjoining houses evacuated 57 persons. It has appeared that the dangerous find is a German aviation bomb of times of the Great Patriotic War. In weight in 50 kgs, inside - explosive capacity of 20 kg in a trotyl equivalent.

- On the special car an aerial bomb have transported on a blasting platform outside the city where it and have destroyed this very day, - Sergey Kabakovich has told.

the Bomb have found literally in pair metres from a cottage. In twenty metres - inhabited high-rise buildings. Still one year ago on a foundation ditch place there was a private sector.

is German demolition aerial bomb SC50, it the smallest among the colleagues, - has told « the expert in history of aviation arms Ivan Dutlov. - Its length hardly is more than metre. These bombs were dumped from planes and used for defeat of buildings and constructions, combat material of the opponent and manpower. Such bomb can come into the earth on depth to 4 - h metres and to blow up, calling the small earthquake amazing surrounding constructions. If the bomb blows up on a surface - splinters will scatter on some honeycombs of metres.

20 kgs of trotyl have lain in the earth of 70 years.
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Ammunition of times of the Second World War finds in capital regularly enough.

on May, 6th, 2010 at outcome building on a crossroads of prospectuses Dzerzhinsky and Zhukov have found 56 artillery shells of various calibres, and also 4 mines and 23 detonators.

At building of microdistrict Friendship in April - May, 2007 have been found out and destroyed 168 antiaircraft 88 - millimetric shells, 115 detonators, 159 sleeves with kapsulnoj the plug and a demolition aviation bomb.

the Most rare ammunition of Hitlerite army in Minsk has found out on May, 12th this year. Around village ShChemyslitsa have found eight grenades Blendkorper and 252 fuses to them. Such pomegranates were produced under the order for divisions SS and have arrived on arms in 1943.