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Inhabitants of the Kostroma region are surveyed by experts of a medical train

Tomorrow, on September, 3rd, on a route Yaroslavl - the Candle - Kostroma - Kuloj - Inta goes to a way a medical train « Surgeon Nikolay Pirogov ». The clinic on wheels will render medical aid to inhabitants of northern remote places.

the Train is equipped by last word of technics, there is a necessary equipment to pass such kinds of diagnostic inspections, as veloergometrija and doplerografija with the computer analysis, malodozovaja digital photoroentgenography and ultrasonic of all bodies. Reception will be spent by skilled doctors: the therapist, the cardiologist, the neurologist, the gynecologist, the surgeon, the ophthalmologist and other experts.

In clinic on wheels there is a mobile telemedical complex from a satellite video conference - communication that allows doctors to contact leading Russian experts, if necessary.

Already on September, 5th the train will arrive on station the Candle where will stay days, from September, 7 till September, 8th it will stop at station Sharja, from September, 9 till September, 11th in Manturove, from September, 11 till September, 13th in Kostroma. Then it is advisory - the diagnostic centre will move to the Arkhangelsk region.