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MTS power effective

the power efficiency Program becomes calculated on 2011 - 2012. Already on the end of 2011, thanks to start of elements of the program, the company plans to achieve 4 % of economy of power consumption and 6,5 % of economy of consumption of gas in annual calculation.

the Program of power efficiency of MTS includes:

-           use special 2 - modules and telematic services of MTS for online - monitoring of power consumption and thermal energy expense base stations and other elements of an infrastructure of a network;

-           installation at building of base stations of the power saving up equipment,   in t. ch. Climatic cases with system frikulinga – Coolings of technology equipment of base station with use of temperature of air;

-           use of alternative energy sources for a food of elements of a mobile network, in particular, in Moscow Region work of base stations is provided with the generators working on hydrogen fuel elements, and in the south of Russia - solar batteries;

-           reconstruction of systems of illumination on the basis of application of power saving up lamps and light-emitting diode lamps;

-           introduction of technology of regulation of light exposure depending on street light.


« Within the limits of the program of optimisation of consumption of resources introduced in the company we on own example show efficiency of telematic decisions of MTS. Giving thanks 2 - to services of MTS clients can build transparent system of the analysis and the account of consumed energy, to realise a series of measures on reduction of costs, and as a result to save not only company`s resources, but also valuable natural resources » the deputy director « has noted; MTS Russia » on technical questions Oleg Svirsky.


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Open Society « Mobile Telesystems » (MTS) is the leading telecommunication operator in Russia and the CIS countries. The consolidated user`s base of the company, without user`s base « MTS Belarus » makes more than 100 million subscribers. MTS and its affiliated companies render services on standard GSM in 82 regions of Russia, and also in Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan; in standard UMTS - in all regions Russian Federations, in Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus; in standard CDMA - 450 -   in Ukraine. The company also renders fixed-line telephony and cable television services in all federal districts of Russia, in Ukraine and in Armenia - the quantity of subscribers of paid house television of MTS makes more than 2,8 million households, quantity of subscribers of broadband access to the Internet – 1,8 million. In 2011 MTS brand the fourth year is successively recognised the most expensive Russian brand among hundred in the lead world brands on rating BRANDZ ™ published by Financial Times and leading international research agency Millward Brown.   Since June, 2000 of the action of MTS are quoted on Nju - jorkskoj to stock exchange under code MBT. The additional information on the company can be found on a site www. mts. ru


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