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Fighters of invisible front

it is rare when   the cable or water collector, though to building of all set forth above   receives such honour; objects underground work on leading of communications necessarily precedes. But, alas, builders - podzemniki judge quality of the work not on a ring of timpani, and on that, their presence is how much a little appreciable. It was possible to lay a collector so that not to rummage a floor - streets, not to create stoppers and not to disturb to pedestrians, - means, very well.

Today, on the eve of the City Day, we have decided to acquaint the readers with these « fighters of invisible front » also have asked   the general director of Open Company « Spetsstroj - Inzhenering » Michael GOLOTU to tell about unique work of its company.

- Michael Borisovich, your company not the beginner in tonnelestroenii. Behind shoulders not one ten kilometres underground, including under brisk highways, both near the Moskva River, and bypassing existing communications … Recently in Northern Izmaylov for a year before term the next unique object - a cable collector of substation « has been put in operation; May Day ». How it was possible to reduce building terms?

- Under the project   we should   to build a collector 3 years 4 months. But at the desire of the city authorities have constructed it almost twice faster. The new court, to be exact - a building of the First appeal court of Moscow City Court which will be zapitano an electricity through a substation collector « is urgently necessary to a city; May Day ».

Unfortunately, the engineering thought at us in the country lags behind life requirements: on an original project the collector was supposed to be built in such a manner that it inevitably would bring many inconveniences to townsmen. 6,5 - the kilometre collector passes under Lilac parkway, and all technological mines, and under their project should be 20,   would appear on proezzhej parts that inevitably would lead to jams on road.

We modernised the project and have applied new   for Russia technology of passage of a tunnel longer intervals -   without intermediate assembly mines. Because each of them is always and cutting down of green plantings, both carrying over of communications, and creation of difficulties to movement. Instead of 20 mines have made only five and have arranged them   so that they disturbed to inhabitants and transport less.

Hi-tech decisions and simple Russian sharpness have helped us to carry out almost solved problem and to lay a collector in super ­ deadlines.

By means of new markshejderovskogo the equipment which allows to turn with the minimum radiuses underground both in the plan, and in a profile to go on any curves,   we could pass a tunnel as much as possible long intervals. Anybody yet did not pass intervals of such length. It some kind of a world record: 1300 metres without an exit on a surface.

- Ogo! And there are same technologies for acceleration of rates of building of tunnels of the underground? And a leah you are ready to participate in expansion of networks of underground?

- Capacities of the company « Spetsstroj - Inzhenering » allow to participate in any projects connected with development of underground space. And it not only building of collector tunnels for leading of communications to metrotonneljam and to new metro stations, but also is direct metrostroenie. Therefore we will consider all offers of the Moscow government and we will participate in tenders. Our capacities allow to build a minimum of 10 kilometres of tunnels of the underground in a year. We have already thought over logistics, ways of increase in rates of building without quality loss, have studied offers on the equipment, is also which - what engineering ideas.

- Nevertheless microtunnels and underground tunnels - different building problems. One only diameters as differ …

- Well, at us and in transport building considerable experience is stored: participated in building and MKAD, and TTK, and various overpasses.

And as to diameter, communication tunnels at times more metropolitenovskih happen. For example, now « Spetsstroj - Inzhenering » participates in the big project in Ethiopia. The hydroelectric power station there is under construction, and we should lay in rocky breed almost 20 kilometres of bringing and taking away collectors in diameter of 9 metres.

we Build and power stations. With the Israeli company « Telemenia » Have created joint venture « Rus - TMEnergo » which has already started to introduce in Russia gazoporshnevye and gazoturbinnye installations.

In a city there should be 14 sports constructions of new type and excellent quality

is a direction is claimed?

- Certainly. The electric power does not suffice, and those large enterprises which are interested in decrease industrial   costs, already reflect on development of own electrocapacities. And we find for them original power-intensive decisions how to convert production wastes (the same sawdust or superfluous heat) in elektro ­ energy.

- It seems that the rationalisation approach - mission of your company?

- Yes because advantage at the one who searches and finds new decisions in building business.

Unfortunately, not all understand it. And though, it is necessary to give due to the new city authorities, the design documentation is now co-ordinated without bureaucratic delays, projects are frequently imperfect and completion demand. And if at once to charge this work to skilled designers, it would be possible to reduce already at the initial stage building terms …

- Why these functions will be not not incurred by design division of your company?

- Yes we also are glad, but on existing practice of function of the designer, the customer and the technical customer are divided between the different organisations. We hope that the general tendency of optimisation of building processes about what so speak today and the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin, and its assistant on building of Marat Husnullin much, will proceed, and these functions will be united in hands of the contractor that will cut down expenses and terms.

- That new still can offer Muscovites?

- we in working out have one idea which also, probably, will find the application in the Moscow underground, one of which problems - air-conditioning. In hot summer days at metro stations people at times faint from a heat. And after all it is possible to create giving system in the underground of cooled air. But not to cool air from street, and to make new and to submit at station.

- to Do air?! It already from fantasy area …

is from area of innovations. And earlier at many enterprises there were so-called compressors which worked in a mode « it is included - it is switched off ». That is if really 60 cubic metre of air at an o`clock the compressor equipment all the same gave out 150 - 180 cubic metre at an o`clock are necessary for the consumer, on what the electric power was for nothing spent. Today it is possible to mount installation which depending on requirements, makes compressed, pure, dry or cooled air in the quantities defined by the user. At competent designing it is possible to define accurate requirement for air volumes that will give cost benefit.

- In your company many the patented inventions …

- All business in mentality: many builders both worked in the old manner, and continue. And at us young collective which is not afraid to search and think non-standard.

- And you go down often in mine?

- I do not see anything shameful in leaving office and to glance on building. And it is simply pleasant to communicate once again to clever people, and for us on building such and work. Have gone? I will acquaint.

Our principle   - to employ in the company only the qualified personnel capable of not ordinary decisions. And at each our employee, not only at engineers,   there is a possibility to provide to itself monthly   an increase to the salary.   any ratspredlozhenie is remunerated. And tonneleprohodcheskoe the equipment on which we work, is created at our direct participation, taking into account our workings out in the company « Herrenkneht ».

- « Spetsstroj - Inzhenering » offers not ordinary decisions not only in tonnelestroenii?

- In the end of the last year we have won competition on building bystrovozvodimyh sports constructions. It would Seem, not absolutely our profile. However we have offered the decision which was entered in frameworks of conditions of competition, first of all the time. We have won the tender in December, and in the beginning of February have already handed over two sports complexes: opposite to the house 10 along the street Ostrovitjanova, and near to the house 28 on the Red Beacon. Thus any tree in a park zone has not suffered.

- What is this constructions?

are compressed-air supported constructions under a dome from special easy   fabrics. In cafe, medical and massage offices, a children`s room. And the most important thing in a complex - a professional hockey box 30 on 60, on which   it is possible to hold the World championship. That is there ice of level of NHL and special installation for the device of such ice covering. In Moscow poorly good ice,   And to get to an ice palace, simply to go skating, hard. And each of constructed by us   sport centres can accept to 1,5 thousand persons a day. In the summer instead of the fads - mini - football, tennis, volleyball, handball.

- a leah Plan to continue this direction?

- Yes, certainly. In plans of the mayoralty building of 14 similar sport centres under which platforms are already allocated.

- Thanks. Allow to congratulate in your person of all builders on the City Day and to thank for your operative and not delivering inconveniences to townsmen work!