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We fish on the Ruzsky water basin

our serial about reservoirs situated near Moscow Is continued.

reservoir Characteristics

the Water basin is famous at fishers for a considerable quantity of predatory fish - a perch, a pike and a pike perch. A beautiful coastal line, good protochnost a reservoir, a considerable quantity of deep-water sites, presence of water vegetation and korjazhnika create excellent fishing docks and productive leisure on the nature. The water level within a year can fluctuate on 4 - 5 metres. The minimum distance from MKAD - about 105 km on the Minsk or Mozhaisk highway.

the Area of a water mirror - about 33 sq. km, the maximum length - about 33 km, width - about 4 km. Average depth - nearby 6 - 7 m, maximum - about 21 m (around a dam).


On public transport - an electric train from the Riga station to station Volokolamsk, further by trip bus to settlements Ostashevo or Pestovo; by bus from road service station about the m. item « Tushinsky » to Ruzy, further by bus.

On the car - on the Minsk (Mozhaisk) highway to the Big concrete ring, further on the city of Ruzu, from Ruzy through settlement the Hydrosite to settlements Palashkino, Luzhki or Ostashevo; on the New Riga highway to Volokolamsk, further on the left to settlement Ostashevo.

Kinds of fishes

the Pike perch, a pike, a perch, leshch, small fry, a ruff, gustera, a gudgeon, jaz, are occasionally caught nalim, zhereh, a catfish and a carp.

Ways of catching

the Spinning, poplavochnaja a fishing tackle, ground tackle (feeder), mugs, zherlitsy.

Nozzles, baits

the Spinning - dzhigovye baits - twisters, vibrohvosty and porolonki, rotating blesny 0 - 4, wobblers with zaglubleniem from 0,5 to 5 - 6 metres, length from 35 to 120 mm fluctuating blesny (especially during the autumn period).

Poplavochnaja a fishing tackle, ­ ground tackle (feeder) - a worm, oparysh, motyl, dough, the semolina talker, parenaja perlovka, oat-flakes, macaroni « asterisks » bread. Mugs, zherlitsy - zhivets (small fry, a perch, a bleak - local capture).


After filling with water at the bottom of the top part of a water basin still had many the deluged wood and stubs. In these parts the large pike, a measured perch, leshch and gustera constantly keeps. Recently decrease in quantity large leshcha in ulovah is marked. There are cases of capture of a large carp and a trophy catfish.

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Opinion of the fisher

Andrey Novikov (Moscow):

« On the Ruzsky water basin in comparison with other water basins of Moscow Region catching of a trophy perch is very interesting. Here spinningisty can count on capture not only omnipresent matrosikov, but also the presents gorbachej in weight to kg. Similar copies not a rarity and in ulovah fishers - zimnikov. To catch a large perch it is possible on dzhigovye the baits rotating blesny 2 - 4 and on wobblers. There are cases of capture of trophy copies at catching on poppery at hunting behind a pike ».

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