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Sergey Miroshnikov: the Main thing - interaction

the Winter not far off

- In - the first, is considerably strengthened the repair program. In comparison with the beginning of year when 8 contract organisations took part in it, and number of workers made 150 persons, in June - July their quantity has grown to 14 in which 350 experts are occupied. Financing is accordingly increased also. Under repair now there are six kotloagregatov and four turbine units. Last years such considerable quantity of the equipment in one summer was not under repair.

In - the second, in July own repair structure - shop of the centralised repair again has started to work. Such structures existed and earlier, but have been then deduced from enterprise structure. Today this shop not only is again created, but also considerably strengthened: if in the past it consisted of 150 persons today here it is occupied more than 220. Experts of shop will messages all current work on core and auxiliaries repair, first of all - urgent and emergency repairs.

Also serious reconstruction of the equipment of turbine shop and shop toplivopodachi today is made. There is a replacement of bunkers of giving of coal, crane reconstruction - peregruzhatelja, coming to the end in September. Seriously are under repair zoloulavlivajushchie installations.

the repair program Developed today allows to hope for reliability of passage osenne - a winter season.

- How much means are spent for the repair program during the current year?

- As a whole on Southern - to the Kuzbass state district power station in 2011 on preparation for winter of the core and auxiliaries, on modernisation and capital construction is planned to direct more than 480 million roubles.

- And what becomes for maintenance of the enterprise with fuel for stable work during the winter period?

- Today the fuel bookmark is made in great volumes, than it was earlier. For September, 1st in a warehouse it will be prepared an order of 300 thousand tons of coal. It besides that, under Ministry for the Power Generating Industry specifications, for October, 1st we should provide stocks in volume of 124 thousand tons - excess of the plan more than twice. Besides, the decision on acquisition of 100 thousand tons of high-quality coal of the Kaltansky coal cut that will make about 25 % of all fuel is accepted. This coal becomes good help for prevention of off-schedule use of black oil at smerzanii coal during the winter period. All problems with unloading and with smerzaniem at this fuel are absent.

Ecology - special attention

- At work of any manufacturing enterprise arises the questions connected with observance of ecological specifications. And how with it business on Southern - the Kuzbass state district power station is?

- the serious program on replacement of all zoloulavlivajushchih state district power station installations is now developed. If it was supposed to establish the trial electrofilter on one of coppers more rational decision on replacement zoloulovitelej on all coppers today is found earlier. Performance coefficient (EFFICIENCY) of new devices - 99,5 %. Present have passport EFFICIENCY of 96 %. Accordingly, emissions of ashes from chimneys will essentially decrease. Our problem - to establish zolouloviteli on two coppers annually.

the problem pylenija zolootvalov is successfully enough solved, last two months for the first time in recent years complaints from inhabitants did not arrive. Inspecting trips of nature protection bodies also confirm that pylenija really are not present. The matter is that besides the new engineering decision on an irrigation of the areas zolootvala (it has been bought more than 120 water sprinklers), since this year we have changed technology of export of ashes with zolootvala for its burial place. We will make now export in the winter when pylenija is not present basically.

- Sergey Petrovich, what problems puts before itself a state district power station in the near future and on distant prospect?

- the Major problem Southern - the Kuzbass state district power station - successfully to solve the environmental problems connected with the raised exit of ashes. Also the course on equipment reconstruction is set: not only zoloulovitelej, but also kotloagregatov, torches - for better burning of fuel. Well and the question on replacement of the turbine equipment of release 50 - h will be considered years in the long term. This scale work will begin from next year.