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the Meeting not indifferent opens new possibilities

on August, 22nd near Kursk in settlement Dichnja has passed unique action - educational camp « the Meeting not indifferent ». Camp work has been calculated for five days. In this time people with the limited possibilities and their families, children - invalids and their parents, and also   members of youth public associations exchanged opinions and found out, how the program « is in practice realised; the Accessible environment » calculated on breaking a barrier between life of invalids and world around.

And the Kursk regional youth public organisation « has suggested to organise such camp; the Currant » with support KRO of political party « an United Russia » and administrations of Kursk area.

« Others » people

Participants « the Meeting not indifferent » became more than 180 persons. The public organisation « became the ideological inspirer of a meeting; the Currant » one of which directions of work is social adaptation of invalids. Have created « the Currant » spouses Sergey and Olga Bobrovskys who well know about problems of invalids in our society.

By the way, in Kursk area lives 126 thousand invalids. So problems which rose on   Kursk « Seliger » are extraordinary important.

- to Realize this project to us it was possible thanks to financial support « an United Russia » - has noted the organizer « the Meeting not indifferent » the deputy of the State Duma Olga Bobrovsky . - During preparation of a paraforum we have got support of all committees and structures of administration of Kursk area. It means that there is an understanding of necessity of carrying out of similar actions. Now it is much told about household conveniences to invalids. Certainly, it is necessary to do it. But there is a problem wider and serious, than absence of lifts or ramps. First of all, the society is necessary to learn to communicate with invalids. Healthy people need to understand that at all of us without an exception one desires and pressings forward: we want to be claimed, to have families and possibility to realise in a trade. Only frequently people with the limited possibilities are deprived it.

By the way, and Kursk invalids and their native very much hope for Olga Bobrovsky. After all it   the operating deputy of the State Duma (it managed the mandate of the combined power of United Russia party member Valery Rjazansky), so, to following elections at it is quite real possibility to inform to tops the information on problems « others » people.

In Kursk area this year the program « has started to work; the Accessible environment » calculated on five years. But without interaction with invalids to solve their problems it is impossible. Therefore to the first day of work here there have arrived heads of committees of administration of the region personally to listen to wishes of people with the limited possibilities.

- « the Accessible environment » is of great importance not only for people with the limited possibilities and members of their families, but also for all society, - has told fulfilling duties of the head of Kursk regional branch of party « an United Russia » Valery Kobzev.

From « the Parallel world » to « University of all sciences »

Within the limits of a meeting there has passed specially developed educational program which should help social adaptation of invalids. Its support was provided with leading teachers of the Moscow state humanitarian university of a name   Michael Sholokhov. They have held seminars which will help participants « the Meeting not indifferent » in search of decisions of social and legal problems.

- Social adaptation of children - invalids - one of mainstreams of work of our organisation. We learn them to think positively, to be liberated, openly to speak about the problems. A paraforum overall objective was to teach invalids not simply to express the emotions, and to formulate concrete problems and to search for their decisions in author`s social projects on improvement of the city environment and creation of new possibilities for invalids, - Sergey Bobrovsky has told .

here some from such projects - creation of the legal centre for invalids, rendering assistance in employment and education reception. And one more remarkable project - « a dream City » - it has already started to be realised. In two kilometres from Kursk active workers have conceived to create a special zone for work and creativity of the most different people. Here it is already put chereshnevyj a garden, and soon there there will be a contact zoo. At « Currants » weight and other ideas - from the program « the Parallel world » including 17 projects, to « University of all sciences » where the people, managed to cope with a difficult reality situation will teach...

the Deputy of the State Duma Olga Bobrovsky has underlined: « the Person who on a state of health the life most part has stayed locked up, without having before itself prospect to be claimed, stores in itself huge potential, therefore such people work with huge return! « a dream city » should be as much as possible viable and self-supporting. We understand that the zoo will be at first unprofitable, but our purpose to make this project independent, instead of dotatsionnym. Now we have an order for Gzhel which will be done by people with the limited possibilities. One of our active workers, Olga, has suggested to construct the rabbit farm that in itself it is profitable enough, and still it is a lot of such ideas ».

the Small drink of freedom

In the second day of work « the Meeting not indifferent » on base of rest RGSU where took place a meeting, there has arrived the head of the specialised Center of diagnostics and treatment of an epilepsy and dream frustration, the doctor of medical sciences, the senior lecturer of stand of neurology of FUV RGMU Vasily Generalov , known as sovedushchy programs « Malakhov + » and « to Live fine ». At kurjan giving thanks « to the Meeting not indifferent » there was a possibility not only to meet the expert, but also to receive consultations.

- the Epilepsy - widespread enough disease. Unfortunately, with it any person at any age can be ill. The reasons of development of this disease are various. At young head serious traumas, alcoholism, brain tumours can be the epilepsy reasons. At elderly illness can arise owing to a stroke or vascular disease of a brain, and also from - for tumours... Negative attitude of associates disturbs to a complete recovery of the ill people, interferes with their return to usual life. Often people are urged to hide the problems as are not assured that the society will accept them, - has told Generals.

By the way, some kurjanam, faced serious problems, Generals has promised to help. And in a gift to the future contact zoo collected « the Currant » Generals has passed a black rabbit on a nickname of Vasja.  

It is necessary to tell that the emblem of a meeting more than is symbolical - the wide open window which has been taken away by a lattice.

- These symbols, - one of tells organizers « Currants » Sergey Bobrovsky, - convention . Self-restrictions which ourselves establish also which prevent to live brightly and is high-grade. Simply we do not see on the right side of a lattice of eyelets with the lock, and with left - a key from it. The lattice opens.

the Meeting reflected as obrazovatelno - entertaining. That is arrived here could not only find support and learn to survive, but also it is pleasant to spend time.

Besides the planned performances of collectives of amateur performances and unlimited dialogue, interested persons could play in football or volleyball on specially equipped platforms. And as to children, they have received a just cause to frolic at any time and in any place under supervision of reliable tutors.

the Perfect concert has been organised on « the Meeting not indifferent » forces of young Kursk actors.

Spectators, many of which have been chained to invalid carriages so sincerely rejoiced to each number and performance that it is difficult for passing. For them it there was a present feast of dialogue, understanding and high-grade life. A small draught of freedom.

to Make possible, that thousand « others » people lived comfortably in the modern world, was a unique and most important problem of a meeting. In many respects it will depend on those people, politicians, active workers, public men who have gathered on « the Meeting not indifferent ». And they consider that this uneasy problem it on forces. It is necessary to find only the lock and a key from it. The lattice opens.