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In Priluzsky area Komi to local residents suggest to earn on 300 roubles on catching friends of the person

Recently in the regional newspaper of Priluzsky area there was rather ambiguous announcement. In it it is said that since August, 25th in area annual catching of vagrant dogs begins. A pier, dogs in the street much, it is frequent and without collars dogs walk about, and cases when the four-footed snatch on people, already in area were. Here the administration has sat down Objachevo and has solved before 1 - m of September to spend the next catching of stray dogs that children if something happens have not suffered.

In the same announcement it is said what hand over a dog all citizens, « can; not wished to continue the maintenance of animals » and for everyone psinku promise compensation. 300 roubles — so have estimated the dog life in administration Priluzja.

On industrial base MUP « Objachevozhilservis » (Will send there the caught animals) it is possible to result not only caught homeless, but also the house dog. However, a leah only the?

In administration « Objachevo » regional centre Priluzja, have confirmed the information on catching, but have calmed, having told that animals all the same can be taken away.

- According to rules of the maintenance of dogs and cats, the neglected dogs who are in streets and in other public places, irrespective of breed, without the accompanying person, are subject to catching, - has explained in conversation with the correspondent «» Nikolay Lobanov, head Objachevo. – And on a broader scale dogs should sit on a chain near the house.

the Head of village has told that those dogs who run on village without the owner, will catch and deliver in the special receiver where three days will keep. At this time dogs promise to feed and look after them. To take away a dog from the receiver, the owner should bring pledge — 1000 roubles.

300 roubles promised for an animal as have told in administration, are given for a vagrant dog who simply runs along the street, and it precisely does not have owner. The matter is that budget money on catching does not suffice, therefore the area management is urged to resort to the help of local population.

- you understand, we after all it is not simple so dogs we catch. For us the main thing that in village the order was, - explains to journalists « the position in « the dog question » the head of settlement.

the Order it is good, but how presence at a dog of the owner is defined? Perhaps, on a collar? But after all it it is possible to remove and give out a master`s dog for the vagrant. The argument that small and all know village, at what dog what owner, sounds unpersuasively – after all there can be those who very much will want to earn these lungs of 300 roubles.

up to the end to understand, how delivery « Friends of the person » occurs in practice, we have called by phone for inquiries which has been published all in the same announcement about catching.

- At week-days with the passport and a dog come on industrial base MUP « Objachevozhilservis ». Money receive in cash desk, - the indifferent voice in a tube has sounded. Us at all have not asked, whence we took a dog and for what reason we want it to hand over. Have simply told that they will keep an animal three days, and then will lull.

Behind the comment on this business we were converted to Svetlana Uvarkinoj, the head of a Syktyvkar shelter for dogs « the Friend » and the known defender of animals.

- Suma it is possible to descend! You represent, what after that will begin? - Svetlana Uvarkina has emotionally reacted. - it turns out, what it is possible to take, steal any dog and to hand over it, and on the obtained money to buy vodka? We submit what example to children?

Svetlana Uvarkina intends to be converted into Office of Public Prosecutor to be convinced of competency of actions of administration Priluzja.

And STILL there was a CASE

Dogs wanted to hand over for money and in Syktyvkar

In the end of June, 2008 the former mayor of Syktyvkar Roman Zenishchev considered similar experiment. He has offered one of municipal services to accept the homeless and lost dogs who will be caught by the population for the certain payment which sizes the mayor has designated - from 500 to 1000 roubles. Thus Zenishchev has noticed that will not be surprised, if dogs will steal from neighbours. But it « costs » which, perhaps, will force owners of animals to be more attentive to the pupils. Three years ago it has called enough big resonance – probably, therefore the idea of the authorities and did not become for a reality.