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It - a line translation of a hockey match « Salavat Yulaev » - « the Metallurgist »


17:01                                         commands on ice... Eric Ersberg takes a place in collars Salavat George Gelashvili on last boundary at magnitogortsev

17:02                                         hymns

17:04   sound;                                       some seconds remain prior to the beginning derbi... A leah can julaevtsy to take a revenge for deafening defeat on a cup of Romazana - soon we learn

17:05                                         starting vbrasyvanie for visitors

17:06                                         the first throw on collars is put by the player the Metallurgist - on a place of Ersberg!

17:06                                         The Sushinsky cuts transfer defence of visitors, but the error in reception does not allow to attack to become on - to the present dangerous

17:07                                         Maxim Spiridonov threatens collars of the rival! Threat passed...

17:08                                         pressure include ufimtsy

17:09                                         the most dangerous nabros on a five-copeck coin, Ersbergu is not possible to cover a washer... Kutejkin takes away threat

17:10                                         removal in structure the Metallurgist . Anton But was at fault. A washer!!!

17:11                                         we Settle down in a zone, we press, but without throws while

17:12                                         Atjushov it is linked to Kukkonenom - hardly arbitrators extinguish the flashed conflict

17:13                                         and while it edinstvennj an episode of our majority standing attention

17:14                                         with its full complement Magnitogorsk . By cash desk the majority ufimtsev

17:14                                         And here now in minority there are owners. Kutejkin for a delay by a stick it is punished

17:16                                         we attack in minority - Zinovev tears and throws, but one man is no man... We come back in defence

17:17                                         chaotically operate in the majority magnitogortsy - there is no puzzle in any way

17:18                                         Kutejkin jumps out from a bench and directs in attack there and then - have time to block Andrey oborontsy the Metallurgist

17:18                                         Yakubov leaves on a shock position and throws! By gate

17:19                                         Radulov from - for a collar gives in on Grigorenko - click! The skeleton of gate takes up blow, but is already more cheerful

17:21                                         Kajgorodov in a crossbeam loads! Uuh...

17:21                                         Removal at Magnitogorsk

17:22                                         Alexey Mihnov the two for roughness it is punished. It would be time and julaevtsam the rival to punish

17:23                                         Sushinsky from two metres throws in a near corner - Gelashvili

17:24   consults;                                       proshkin! Vitaly By throws. The pair of seconds after the same is done by Andrey Kutejkin... Well!

17:24                                         Mihnov

17:26   comes back to ice;                                       Koltsov is removed for a footboard, a swing proceeds

17:27                                         Glazachev wins struggle on a five-copeck coin and throws in an emphasis - gallantly Ersberg!

17:28                                         Salavat! Salavat! - support tribunes of owners

17:29                                         hard it is necessary julaevtsam these minutes as the squirrel in a wheel works Ersberg

17:30                                         the GOAL! Juhamatti Aaltonen stitches our goalkeeper the most powerful shot from a dark blue line. 0:1

17:32                                         Have jerked to recoup ufimtsy! Mirnov on an attack edge - Gelashvili is impenetrable... While...

17:33                                         Attack by the second rate, Kukkonen throws from an inconvenient position and smears

17:34                                         Sergey Fedorov is punished for a delay of the rival by a stick. It is time to hammer

17:35                                         last minute the period has gone

17:36                                         Maxim Sushinsky... Our forward - in equal line-ups

17:36   leaves;                                       and there and then Rinat Mamashev beats on a stick of Grigorenko and leaves visitors three together

17:37                                         the first period

17:51   Is ended;                                       the SECOND PERIOD

17:52                                         also there will begin its owners in the majority. Zinovev wins starting vbrasyvanie

17:53                                         were fixed in a zone, and very quickly used numerical advantage

17:53                                         Victor Kozlov has made all. It was displaced from a board to the centre and has artfully thrown on collars. The GOAL! 1:1

17:54                                         With its full complement the Metallurgist

17:55                                         On counter courses there passes game. Decent, struggle it is a lot of speed - such hockey should please!

17:55                                         the Next removal in structure the Metallurgist

17:57                                         Were placed julaevtsy. The fourth link on realisation, and not bad press ufimtsy. Two it is bright it was necessary on a share of Gelashvili

17:59                                         it has not turned out to come forward at Salavat . Yakubov appears on ice

17:59                                         Aaltonen it is active in our zone

18:00                                         Rolinek hammers! An excellent pass have found Tomasha near to gate, and nobody covered, the Czech has sent a washer in gate! Again ahead visitors

18:01                                         One more moment at gate of Ersberga! Defenders again leave the goalkeeper in loneliness. Eric has this time gained!

18:02                                         Unpleasant minutes. Altarev hardly has not caused a stir! It is necessary to gather julaevtsam

18:03                                         of a washer owners At last have taken hold. Have moved to attack. And well it turns out after all! Nilsson it was close to success! Defenders have taken up a washer!

18:05                                         passions in possession of Gelashvili Boil! The good piece has gone right to owners. Becomes ripe a goal...

18:05                                         the Link of Zinoveva continues business begun by a link Happy. Pressure and more time pressure.

18:06                                         Only the link of Aaltonena manages to remove game from the gate. Juhamatti is good today!

18:07                                         duel Equator: 1:2 on - former concedes Salavat Yulaev in last match of the Cup of president RB

18:09                                         Mihnov aktivnichaet behind collars of Ersberga, it was possible to take away from the third attempt from it a washer. Develops new attack Happy

18:09                                         Game has calmed down.

18:10                                         Steglik! What chance was at the recruit SJU the washer has successfully jumped aside to it, but Gelashvili has coped with a throw!

18:11                                         GOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!!! Igor Radulov has seen, has quickly estimated a situation, and without swing has directed a washer in a small house Gelashvili! So - that is better!

18:12                                         Salavat - Salavat! rushes from tribunes. Fans have quickened, having remembered that it is last match of tournament

18:13                                         the Pause at us. Time for this purpose to come to the senses magnitogortsam

18:15                                         One more moment at gate Magnitogorsk . Gelashvili hardly copes with a throw Happy.

18:16                                         it is a lot of stops in game. Next probros it is observable...

18:18                                         five minutes prior to the period termination hardly - hardly the captain SJU has not deduced the command forward!

18:18                                         Anton But leaves ice. At ufimtsev 2 minutes on punishing for roughness

18:20                                         Were rejected magnitogortsy. Atjushov has again entered a washer into a zone. Were placed, and Sushinsky searches for interesting continuation of attack

18:21                                         Everything, with its full complement the Metallurgist . It was not possible to create practically anything at gate of Gelashvili

18:22                                         the GOAL! Mozjakin has successfully got in the nine having thrown from - under the defender... 2:3

18:23                                         Continues to attack the Metallurgist . Ersberg works, breaking an ovation!

18:24                                         Minute to a siren. Victor Kozlov climbs on a five-copeck coin, and almost reaches Gelashvili. Defenders have joined in time in struggle. However, have made it with infringement

18:24                                         Yakubov will have a rest from hockey affairs

18:26                                         Aaltonen! Thanks, Juhamatti! JUlaevtsy will begin the third period at game 5 on 3!

18:27                                         the second period is ended! 2:3 concedes Salavat Yulaev after two periods...

18:42                                         the THIRD PERIOD

18:42                                         vbrasyvanie for owners. 5 on 3 it is begun

18:44                                         Gelashvili actively makes a complaint to the arbitrator, for what receives 10 - the minute penalty. So - that...

18:44                                         Paul Zdunov will serve time for the goalkeeper

18:45                                         Sushinsky! A washer from any centimetres Maxim Hardly does not bring... During last instant the defender

18:46   has time to prevent it;                                       with its full complement the Metallurgist we forgive and this time the rival

18:47                                         we do not excite rate while, easy spin the laces in attack julaevtsy . Even it is too quiet, perhaps

18:49                                         from gate to gate hockey players For nothing go for a drive, without making anything, except losses. Calm before a storm - not differently

18:50                                         Ersberg without effort parries a distant throw. A unique throw for the last to steam of minutes, probably

18:50                                         Mihnov a bottom loads - by

18:52                                         Nilsson could not process a washer - probros...

18:54                                         happy on an attack edge, but also to it does not carry - Gelashvili a guard beats off a washer

18:55                                         have completely given magnitogortsy the initiative to owners, mainly in a zone Magnitogorsk there is a game. Only here danger while in deficiency...

18:58                                         Altarev substitutes a stick under nabros the partner from dark blue - beautifully. But in the first, the stick has been lifted too highly, and in - the second, all the same by

18:59                                         and here now Altarev goes on a bench shtrafnikov... A washer!

18:59                                         Oh! Hardly Mirnov of an abacus does not compare... Gelashvili at height once again

19:01                                         well here... All that in the majority have achieved - removal Sushinsky. Four on four further

19:02                                         with its full complement visitors. We defend

19:03                                         Aaltonen! The unruly Finn gets To a helmet of Ersbergu. That`s OK with the goalkeeper, game is not stopped

19:04                                         Atjushov throws from a distant distance - in the fad of the defender...

19:05                                         we enter into a zone of the rival over and over again and with the same periodicity magnitogortsy us therefrom force out. Less than five minutes remains

19:06                                         And here the Metallurgist hammers. The GOAL! Anton But drives behind collars and throws from a turn - a ricochet from Kondratyev`s fad the washer flies in gate. 2:4

19:09                                         also for infringement of numerical structure Salavat punish. Slozhnovato four together to recoup

19:10                                         where there to recoup... 5:2! The GOAL! Sergey Mozjakin leads up the bill to the large. Ersberg has floated

9:11                                             Michael Yakubov was at fault - for the majority julaevtsy . It is necessary - it is necessary to reduce rupture

19:13                                         Steglik! In a paling of players our beginner sends a washer, but the miracle does not occur...

19:13                                         Aaltonen leaves. We postrel everywhere has kept up

19:15                                         Atjushov twice from dark blue throws, Proshkin supports a partner initiative, but it is more from a hopelessness...

19:15                                         EVERYTHING, the match, 2:5 - its sad result

19:15   is ended;                                       Salavat Yulaev Takes the third place on house tournament

19:15                                         SERIES BULLITOV

19:16                                         Kukkonen loses duel of Ersbergu

19:16                                         Alexander Pankov bullit realises!

19:17                                         Sergey Mozjakin does not surprise neither fans, nor Ersberga

19:17                                         Igor Mirnov is exact! 2:0, bullity for us

19:18                                         Altarev at a washer. It is masterful Dmitry with Eric Ersbergom

19:18   understands;                                       Igor Radulov defeats Ersberga. 3:1

19:18                                         the MATCH is ended