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Kaddafi the Enemy of the western democracies of Muamar Kaddafi was on friendly terms with CIA

, it appears, before recent time quite successfully communicated with CIA. Not personally, certainly. Corresponding Libyan services were engaged in it under its instructions, informs the South African agency SAPA.

these interesting details of the near past after insurgents carefully pokovyrjalis in archives a staff - apartments of Agency of external security of Libya in Tripoli Were found out.

From the found documents follows that in 2004 of CIA has already provided the « constant presence » in the country. Employees of the American and Libyan investigations conducted brisk business correspondence, and suspected of participation in terrorism States sent to Libya for interrogations. Perfect division of labour!

And well-cared handles of agents of the USA are not soiled, and the necessary indications are beaten qualitatively out. And if that – so it at the villain (at that point in time were), the dictator and (theatrical whisper) « The savage » simply methods medieval, but he too struggles with terrorism.

Only here at Obama to this lovely commonwealth the end has come (and can, to it about it had not time to tell?). And valorous pilots of the NATO on money western, first of all American, tax bearers peacefully vybombili supporters of Kaddafi and, at the same time, fair quantity of simple citizens.