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Samartsy have won electric trains to go a hare?

one of these days at station Krotovka passed planned catching « hares ». While controllers caught « ushastyh » tickets in cash desk it has been bought for the record sum: almost six thousand roubles. Usually happens in 3 - 4 times less.

As it was found out, among hares it is a lot of working. Money for journey at them is, and here the desire to pay at all is absent. Besides, journey without the ticket became for many suburban passengers norm.

– On the first working electric train which leaves in 5. 44, the majority of passengers do not buy the ticket on a broader scale, – Tamara Ilyin, the chief of an industrial site of Pohvistnevo of Open Society « speaks; Samara PPK ».  

logic at hares the such. A leah far you will leave without the ticket by the bus? Some tens metres while the driver for a door will not throw out. And in an electric train controllers happen seldom. Here also it turns out, 150 roubles from Krotovki to Bezymjanki pay for the bus everything, and 70 by an electric train – only those who wants.   many not that that at all do not pay, buy the ticket   on one zone (usually to Georgievki, - a bus comment) For 15 roubles, and go much further. All the same public   opinion against « hares » has nothing.

– the Salary at the local resident the low. By an electric train to go expensively, on a minibus - is even more expensive. If the salary small, the person is interested to go « a hare » - inhabitant Krotovki Tatyana Myshkin explains.

Logic iron, here only everyone « a hare » for a year shortens an electric train on one car. And if moods of passengers do not change, in the near future they risk in large quantities to change on buses.  

Remember, with what work in this summer the people managed to win a part of the old schedule of electric trains. Really all it became to go a hare?

While to rescue passengers from their own nonsense   there will be strengthened spot-checks of controllers. In foggy prospect - installation of turnstiles by which without tickets not to pass.

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