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The Bohemians will give a special concert to 65 - letiju to Freddi Merkjuri

  on September, 9th in club “ PlanB ” the special concert The Bohemians devoted to commemorating 65 - letija one of the greatest actors of the present - Freddi Merkjuri will take place. C a name of Freddi Merkjuri inseparably linked success legendary Queen.

Merkjuri which have brought in a world musical legacy the contribution from such compositions, as “ Bohemian Rhapsody ” “ Love Of My Life ” “ Friends Will Be Friends ” “ We Are The Champions ” and many other hymns on which some generations of music fans have grown, on - former remains to one of the brightest stars in the music world.

Worldwide thousand admirers Queen in the first days of September celebrate anniversary Freddi for whom it and after the lapse of two decades on - former remains eternally live substitute. Tribjut - concerts will pass in England, Austria, Italy, Germany, Australia and many other countries, including in Russia.

In Moscow by for a long time already developed tradition admirers « Kvinov » will gather in club “ PlanB ” where for them will act unique Russian tribjut - group Queen “ The Bohemians ”.

The Bohemians were recognised among fans that are not engaged in imitation on a scene, trying to reach unique Freddi Merkjuri, and simply fairly, professionally and with all the heart pay a tribute of respect to the Legend.

Istorija Bogemians has begun with original statement of musical Queen We Will Rock You . Musicians of group, having passed strict selection, have been personally confirmed by Bryan Meem and Roger Taylor in the first structure of the project.