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Tchitcherin warns - « Dangerously! »

groups « Tchitcherin » and « Semantic Hallucinations » connect old warm mutual relations. In second half 90 on the basis of student`s club « J22 » formed at direct participation « Glitches » the first structure « has gathered; CHicherinoj ». There also passed the first concerts of young group. In 1999 of road Juli Chicherinoj and « Semantic Hallucinations » for any time have dispersed: « SG » remained in Ekaterinburg, and Julja has left to Moscow. More than ten years musicians communicated « off and on ». However last year careers Chicherinoj and « Glitches » again were crossed. JUlja, going on the concert by the car, has had an accident near to Ekaterinburg. While it treated the broken hand in a city, there was a song « on motives » this failure. Julej written down in common and Buboj a track has received the name « Over Ural Mountains » the clip on a song has been mounted in the shortest terms from documentary shootings of incident. Having worked with « SG » over a song, Julja has asked group to participate in creation of a new material.

the Internet - a group single « is Now ready to release; Tchitcherin » « Dangerously! ». The release has received such name by name a header song. In total single contains four tracks. As the producer of a single Sergey Bobunets has acted.

Julia Tchitcherin: « I very much like to travel and recently I do it more often. I always would like, that atmosphere of adventures was reflected in my songs, and we have converged with Buboj that so it and will be! On trips I try to remove something unusual, interesting to use this video for creation of the future clips. As soon as we will let out a new single, I will go at once to travel to Tibet of which for a long time dreamt. This one of the most unusual places on the Earth, and I wait from it both new opening, and new creative ideas. Probably that directly there we will remove also a clip on one of new songs ».

Reality - art - so named Julja Tchitcherin a genre of the new video clips. The essence of this definition, as she said, in refusing habitual film-making procedure, thereby having simplified process, and to create video in as much as possible natural conditions.   not to build scenery, and to find art - objects in real life. They can be a natural origin or man-made, but the main thing that they - the presents. Not to use a make-up, not to lease clothes, not to employ actors - in general, to do all against the standard rules, surprising spectators not so much with actor`s game and skill of the set dressers, how much the invoice of the place chosen for shootings. At this Julja does not refuse from fast - prodakshna and special effects if they do not contradict the concept, and underline the invoice of the chosen place and help plot development.

Julja is a lot of and often travels, therefore search of unusual and impressive places for it is possible. More recently, during travel to Argentina, Julja, being guided by principle Reality - art, has finished shooting a material for two new songs: Dangerously and Splinters . For this purpose, except Juli against not tourist paints not tourist, neocognizable Buenos - Ajresa, was necessary only the operator! Everything that occurs in a clip, nobody srezhissirovano. Occurrence of people and animals in a shot - mere chance!