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In « to the New opera » - the new conductor!

  on September, 7th in 11. 00 at theatre the New Opera will take place troupe gathering. During a meeting a management of theatre and new main conductor Jan to the Armour - Kyonig will sum up the previous season, will tell about plans on future, will congratulate new winners of the award of Fund of Evgenie Kolobova « For selfless ministering to opera art ».

Jan to the Armour - Kyonig (Great Britain) - one of leading European conductors. Cooperation with theatre the New Opera has begun in 2008 when to the Armour - Kyonig has been invited by Jan to performance statement « Loengrin » R.Wagner. Then the maestro becomes the constant invited conductor of theatre. And since April, 2011 Jan to the Armour - Kyonig is the main conductor of theatre the New Opera.

The musical career to the Armour - Kyonig of the beginnings as the pianist, but since 1982, has completely devoted itself to conducting. Acted with the largest European orchestras. With 1989 on 1992 it was music director Orkestra Porto who has based at the desire of the Portuguese government. As opera conductor Jan to the Armour - Kyonig with success debuted in 1988 on a scene of the Viennese state opera, prodirizhirovav « Makbetom » J. Verdi.

It constantly co-operates with leading opera theatres of Europe: Kovent - Garden, the Opera of Bastil, the Royal Danish opera, the Canadian opera, and also opera theatres of Berlin, Hamburg, Gyoteburga, Rome, Lisbon, Buenos - Ajresa and Santiago. Gives concerts with leading philharmonic orchestras worldwide and often acts with orchestras of Italy and Germany.

In 1997 – 2002 Jan to the Armour - Kyonig – the music director of the Philharmonic orchestra of Strasbourg and simultaneously the Rhine national opera (Strasbourg). In 2005 of the maestro has been appointed by the music director of theatre Massimo in Palermo. In 2006 – The music director of Municipal theatre in Santiago (Chile), and in 2007 – the main invited conductor of theatre Redzho in Turin.

the Repertoire of the maestro is extraordinary various: « Aida » « Lombardtsy » « Makbet » « a Traviata » J. Verdi, « Bohemia » « Melancholy » and « turandot » J. Puccini, « Puritans » V.Bellini, « Wedding of Figaro » V.A.Mozart, « Tais » Z.Massne, « Carmen » Z.Bize, « Peter Grajms » B.Brittena, « Tristan and Isoice » R.Wagner, « Elektra » R.Strauss, « Pelleas and Melizanda » K.Debjussi, « Venus and the Adonis » H.Hentse, « Enufa » L.Janacheka, « Hamlet » A.Toma, « Dialogues karmelitok » F.Poulenc, etc.