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Salavat Yulaev has finished the Cup of the president of Bashkortostan only on the third place

Traditional, the thirteenth under the bill, the Cup on prizes of the president of Republic Bashkortostan, it is finished, and together with it the stage of preparation for the next season KHL is finished also. Already on seventh of September « Salavat Yulaev » will lead the first match within the limits of the regular championship of Continental Hockey League – in an opening Cup « julaevtsy » will battle with situated near Moscow « Atlantom ».

Inter-season period « Salavat Yulaev » and especially the Cup of the president of Republic, have left after itself some question.


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Cheerfully having celebrated Day of green heart, fans in excellent mood have filled « Ufa - Arena »: still, after four months the meeting with a favorite team laid ahead them.

Hockey has returned to Ufa precisely under the schedule: in the first day of autumn. In day of knowledge « julaevtsam » it was necessary game against Hunts - mansijskoj « JUgry » to answer a notorious question « How I have spent summer? ». On a huge board persons of star recruits « continually flashed; Salavat Yulaev ». It, undoubtedly, installed in gathered on arena, confidence that in the summer the command has really worked wonderfully well. However instead of the flashing composition at « julaevtsev » it has turned out kakaj - that muffled retelling of last errors.

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Whether excessive hospitality, whether stirring have served its purpose, but by second minute sponsored Sergey Mikhalev conceded « jugorchanam » 0:2. Further – it is more, and to duel equator on a board appear transcendental 1:4. All on what the champion &ndash has sufficed; a goal in the final period.

it is possible to Note unless that actions youth, « green » a link « Salavat Yulaev » - Punks – Mirnov - Mum`s have built the second washer ufimtsev. The first washer on two Vitaly`s bill: proshkin the beginner « has supplied with a washer of Atjushova, and; Salavat » has not missed. Vitaly Vitaly sees from apart, differently and will not tell.

2:4 – an unfavourable result of the first game day. Homework « julaevtsy » have not executed. Hunts - mansijtsy a year later took an original revenge: on a last year`s Cup of president RB ufimtsy were stronger 4:3.


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In the second day of tournament « julaevtsam » it was necessary to convince fans that defeat from « JUgry » was an error, however and a duel with « the Petrochemist » even, despite victory ufimtsev in an overtime, has more puzzled, than has pleased.

« Salavat Yulaev » Has held a meeting where more actively and more emotionally last, however, games as that, collective and creative spectators have not seen. In collars « SJU » Eric Ersberg has replaced Vitaly Kolesnika and if to argue from the point of view of the mathematics, three passed washers, certainly, better, than four, in essence – both goalkeepers to the season beginning yet do not impress.

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In final day of tournament, as to order, « to Salavat to Yulaev » confronted « the Metallurgist ». More recently « julaevtsy » have in all respects lost « to Magnitogorsk » in the ending of a memorial of Romazana 2:6, and here now the destiny has reduced commands on the Cup of president RB. It would seem – the additional motivating to finish « house » tournament in the major note, but …

to Look the photo report: « Salavat Yulaev In a decisive match has conceded to the Metallurgist »

After the lapse of three periods on a board an unfavourable bill « 2:5 » and disturbing sensation. And if defeat from « JUgry » it is possible to write off on a lack of motivation « Salavat » two defeats from the basic rival, « the Metallurgist » with joint account 4:11 one week prior to start of a regular season frightens.

On a press - conferences Sergey Mikhalev has fairly noticed: « we can be graded « unsatisfactorily ». The main problem – we pass many washers. We will work over it … »

the Photo: a leah Valery of SHAHS

Can « Salavat Yulaev » for three days to draw correct conclusions and to correct a situation, we learn on Wednesday, when on ice « Ufa - Arenas » « julaevtsy » will play with « Atlantom » « the Opening Cup ».


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