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From - for heavy rains many Krasnoyarsk citizens did not manage to dig out on days off a potato

On these days off many planned to dig out a potato - who on summer residences, who in villages, who on sites which the city administration specially this year gave on landing the second bread . Who has carried that has caught some dry warm hours per Saturday. Who was not in time - has postponed work on following days off - the rain waters two days without a stop, the dug out crop can decay.    

- Everything that was possible, have collected on last days off. Today we clean the last. Only here the rain prevents to collect a potato, - the summer resident with Snezhnitsy Oksana Iljashchenko has told.

On the country site the girl with the husband there have arrived on Friday right after works. Speaks, and so two weeks have passed, and to pull further already it is impossible. Weather has pumped up now. All day and night there are rains, and at night air temperature at times falls below zero. For a crop it not in the blessing.   the young pair has already collected the rests of tomatoes, vegetable marrows, pepper and eggplants. And here cucumbers was not in time – were spoilt.

- It is a pity, of course, but what to do. Are guilty. It was necessary to come last week, - the girl will grieve. – have already cleaned hothouses, and here a potato we can not in any way. Rains have confused all maps. We from the earth have pulled out three bushes, a potato good. We will hope that the rain will end shortly. At once we will start to dig.  

In the meantime weather forecasters do not encourage. Rains will not stop and forthcoming week. It will be clear in Krasnoyarsk all day - two and it not days off. So hardly it will be possible to spend them on a summer residence.

As to air temperature it, according to forecasts, will not rise above 15 - 17 degrees. Thus in suburb will be also that more low, and at night columns of thermometers at times will show to a minus of three degrees.