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Uljanovets asserts that has thought up an unsinkable bathing suit

To the unusual invention 72 - summer Ulyanovsk pensioner Ivan Belyanin was pushed by life. In youth in the face of Ivan Nikolaevicha the girlfriend has sunk. Subsequently, be on beaches, he asked time and again youth, a leah well they float. And in most cases received the negative answer. Many long years he considered how to make abiding of the person in water comfortable and safe. And here in 2007 at it the idea has blossomed.

- I have decided to calculate, how much it is necessary air or other easy gas to keep the person afloat, - the inventor has told. – It has appeared, very little – 37 cubic centimetres on weight kg. That is on the person it is powerful 64 kgs 2300 cubic centimetres of air is required. And if in regular intervals to distribute this « an air cushion » on a body, it becomes almost imperceptible, will not constrain movements.


the Volume of air for a bathing suit has been specially calculated.
a photo: the author

to Check up the guess Ivan Nikolaevich has solved in pool « the Dynamo ». Has fixed on a chest and a waist of the swimmer empty polyethylene bottles of certain volume, and the woman could lie on water and not sink. So « was born » a female bathing suit of an unusual design. On an idea of the inventor, between two layers of a fabric in it the layer of a polyethylene film with vials of air, similar to those should settle down that use at home appliances packing to avoid damages by transportation. And, on Ivan Belyanin`s assurance, outwardly it will be almost imperceptible, only forms of the woman become hardly more magnificent. The bathing suit can be sewed almost any style: from closed to classical bikini. The suit will be irreplaceable at training to swimming, and, for certain, it will be pleasant also to lovers of water sports. In Belyanin`s invention has believed one of city members of parliament who has given to it of 20 thousand roubles on patent reception.

- Working out, certainly, useful and very necessary, - the general director of the Ulyanovsk patent bureau Igor Tchuprov has explained. – to the same conclusion experts of federal service of intellectual property have come, having studied the invention.

However representatives of business nou - hau Ivan Nikolaevicha of enthusiasm has not called. Any businessman has not expressed desire to make its miracle - a novelty, preferring to put means in more habitual projects. As a result, the patent the fourth year pylitsja without business. And people continue to sink.

- I after all not for the sake of profit have invented the bathing suit, - the pensioner has told. – wanted, that it is less than people on reservoirs giblo. Went on beaches, was interested at girls, a leah they want such bathing suits. Almost all assure that with pleasure would buy.

Ivan Nikolaevich continues to hope that there will be an enthusiast who will risk to be engaged in new perspective business. And then for many our women bathing will be on the present pleasant and safe.