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The port steam-ship Murom confidently floats


- the Policy of the state in sphere of river transport has ended 30 years ago, - the general director of the Murom river port Vladimir Turkin considers. - from here and all failures. Service life of the majority of courts - 25 years, and notorious « Bulgarija » has served twice more... Practice of work Murom rechnikov shows that, having made efforts, it is possible to prolong life and to the merited ship. Plying across Oka anonymous teplohodik makes passenger flights. To name it (we will tell, « Vladimir Zvorykin » in honour of the inventor who has born in Murom of television), it is necessary to reach the transport Ministry, and on a broader scale administrative barriers sometimes to overcome more difficult, than to solve technical questions. - At any malfunctions of the steam-ship we simply stop work before their liquidation, - Vladimir Aleksandrovich speaks. - here not a water basin - coast nearby, not such strong a wind, and which year the river very small - anyway our captains deliver passengers in an integrity. Vasily Goritskov and Victor Srednev otplavali across Oka on 30 - 40 years! In 2009 for vessel major repairs have spent 1 million 700 thousand roubles that several times more than have gained during that season.  


Annually the steam-ship passes checkup on all parametres - the case, engines, rowing screws, electroconducting, the fire-prevention equipment. Even welding by the ship cannot be conducted simple electrodes - only specially certificated. All costs nedeshevo, but security is sacred. - after misfortune with « Bulgariej » the State Office of Public Prosecutor has charged to check up plavsostav in all river ports of the country. On water the extraordinary meeting at the head of district Moore Evgenija Rychkova has been devoted a safety issue also. So all under complete control. We are assured of the vessel quite, - the director of port has told.


initially Murom steam-ship has been calculated on 140 persons, after major repairs and installation of modern internal furnish its capacity has decreased to 45. The ticket for hour walk along all Murom to the new bridge and back for the adult costs 150 roubles, for the child - 50, and kids till 5 years roll free of charge. Regular flights two - in 12. 00 and 18. 00. However, if 10 interested persons are typed - can organise off-schedule flight. Passengers admire a magnificent townscape: temples, monasteries and a monument to epic Ilya Muromtsu appear in all beauty. It is possible to rent the steam-ship for individual walk or a banquet for 6 thousand roubles at an o`clock. The discount depends on duration of rent of the steam-ship and can reach 50 percent. On a rain case there is a canopy on a main deck and cosy covered salon.   to moor, to be kneaded, arrange picnic? Please! Indelible impressions receive a newly-married couple who after a registry office go to go for a drive across Oka on river « a limousine ». In recent Day of a family, love and fidelity on teplohodike had a rest newly married of Sudogdy and their visitors.  


By the way, the Murom port regularly participates in preparation of star concerts on July, 8th. This time in the centre of Oka experts of port have put cargo barges on which have established projectors and charges for grandiose fireworks. - popularity of walks grows, - underline rechniki. - we Roll passengers from Vladimir, the Goose - Crystal, Melenok, and still - from Ryazan, Kasimova, Vyksa and even from Nizhni Novgorod where on Oka and Volga there are ships. Look on us and the pilgrims, arrived to bow to relics from all country. It is pleasant to everything, and children - especially! The management of the Murom port dreams to organise a route from city centre to opposite coast, where remarkable fishing and a great lot of berries. The spadework is made big, has put now behind uneasy process of registration of necessary documents. So welcome to the Murom steam-ship, and - a fair wind! Collective demands from the organisations and private persons on steam-ship rent are accepted: Birthdays, banquets, picnics, excursions, weddings, anniversaries, reception of visitors, corporate rest on a beach, « Last calls » graduation parties.