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Sintija Nixon will shave bare

Manhettensky theatrical club (to which the general name « was fixed; the Broadway ») Declared on Wednesday that actress Sintija Nixon, a serial star « Sex in a big city » in a following theatrical season will play on its stage. It will reincarnate in in the English researcher of poetry of Vivian Biring dying of a cancer. At the heart of performance - the play of Margaret Edson « Wit » for which the writer has received two years ago the prestigious Pulittserovsky award.  

Statement promises to be mrachnovatoj - heroine Sintii passes a course of exhausting chemotherapy. That the spectator has experienced an emotional status of having a serious illness Vivian, the director of performance has decided to make its image as more as possible plausible. Sintija Nixon will shave bare - usually sick of a cancer before chemotherapy subject such « ekzekutsii ».

Or as a last resort if the actress for the sake of a role does not go on so radical image, will pick up for it « bald » a wig.