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In the list gone with Bulgarii Six persons who were considered as missing persons during accident of the steam-ship « have by mistake written down two novosibirtsev

; Bulgarija » are live. Two from them - inhabitants of Novosibirsk. It is Roljaj Fajurshin and it 11 - summer son Sergey. In the black list of their missing passengers have brought absolutely casually, besides having deformed a surname - on Sajurshiny.

- after there was a ship-wreck, the relatives considering began to be converted into the Ministry of Internal Affairs on a hot line that their relatives could be on « Bulgarii ». The unknown person who has told that is stirred for the father and son Fajurshinyh from Novosibirsk has called, but a surname has said illegibly, from - for what there was a mess, - Irina Nizhelsky, the chief tells a press - services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Tatarstan. - a pier, Fajurshiny, probably, were by the ill-starred steam-ship.

the Kazan policemen have contacted colleagues from Novosibirsk. In an hour it became clear that the man and 11 - the summer boy are whole and safe, and on the steam-ship to go for a drive and did not think. When sank « Bulgarija » Fajurshiny went in a train.

- Novosibirsk field investigators have worked very quickly, in schitanye minutes have found out a correct surname of people, and also that the father and the son have gone from Novosibirsk to relatives to Bashkiria and have reached safely. It have confirmed to us by phone and wife Roljaja, and he. And here who called on a hot line - till now not clearly, however, we to find out it and we will not be. The main thing that people are whole, - Irina Nizhelsky has added.