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Medvedev has heard workers

At working class there are representatives, accepted to the president. Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday in residence in Hills has accepted at once devjateryh trade-union leaders. - we in the first   time in such expanded structure   we meet, - Medvedev has noticed, beginning a meeting. It has designated four subjects which would like to discuss.

In - the first, improvement   payment systems.

- Our realities, by the way, not the worst. If to look okrest, - Medvedev, probably has declared, meaning position of workers in the next republics, the stream of labour migrants whence does not run low.

Trade-union leaders have complained of discrimination to a national sign: it is more favourable to employers to take undemanding and visitors actually deprived of civil rights and to save on it considerable means. And here salaries, have complained leaders of workers, and in Russia are not too high:

- On 17 thousand   - The average salary on the country - it is impossible to give birth to children, to live, care of the health.

the President has paid attention and that many employers have refused social programs in world financial crisis.

the Third subject – possible consequences of the introduction of Russia in the World Trade Organization. Medvedev has warned against fears that the foreign companies will work, ignoring the Russian labour legislation.

- We of it   we will not admit, it is impossible, - has declared   the president. – and foreign   the companies frequently behave   much more decently ours, therefore   that have got used to observe the law.

In - the fourth, according to Medvedev, it is necessary to create   conditions that workers could   to defend the rights. Separately the president   has reminded that today in   The Russian labour legislation there is no mechanism of protection of the rights of workers which work far off, through the Internet.

- the Situation it is necessary   to correct, - Medvedev has told.

Trade-union leaders, in turn, have complained that   at labour inspections today   there is not enough powers.

- If you so   consider, I am ready to give commissions   to the government in this respect, - the president has agreed.

According to trade unions, state bodies – Office of Public Prosecutor   and the Ministry of Internal Affairs – recently   even more often interfere with conflicts   trade unions and employers.

- Let management   « E » is engaged in real extremists   and terrorists, instead of leaders   the trade-union organisations! – representatives of working class were indignant.

- If behind a screen of observance of the law protection of interests of the concrete employer it demands check as a matter of fact hides, - Medvedev has marked to itself.

could not trade-union   leaders not to needle the billionaire, and now and a policy, the party leader « the Just cause » Michael Prokhorov. It, we will remind, the ardent supporter of change of the Labour Code.

- it is good that   Prokhorov has appeared, a target such, - the president has smiled.

- But we will not discuss its offer, - zarevnovali trade-union leaders.

- it is necessary to Discuss, when Prokhorov will win the majority in the State Duma and becomes the chairman   the governments, - Medvedev has noticed.

- Well, it is unreal, - visitors of the president have hooted.

- the Labour Code, of course, not ideal. But it is the live document to which changes are constantly made, it is normal, - Medvedev, however, as he said, " has shrugged shoulders; after everyone chiha trade unions to copy the labour legislation on work it is not necessary.