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I Search for the wife. Babbling and fatties not to offer

it would Seem, from different directions only and you hear female lamentations: « Yes where now you will find the good muzhik for serious relations? To all of them   only one it is necessary! And if it is ready to marry, so either drinking, or the idler - to work and does not gather … » the Charter to wait for favour from destiny, I will give even on cars the announcements have hung up a little: « I Will become the wife! » « I search for the husband » also catch now female happiness on city highways - « even told about it. And here the car with an inscription « I Search for the wife » in our city while unique (hurry! – Red.) .

So, get acquainted: Andrey! 25 years, a handsome man - the brunette, eyes burning with povolokoj, a smile snow-white, growth of 178 sm, a figure harmonous (to photograph itself, truth, has not allowed - has explained professional necessity), the car new, black Lada Priora. It is ready to marry once and for all!

- girls around and truth is a lot of, - sighing, our hero admits. - but to find unique yet it is not possible: time free has not enough, on dating sites all search only thoughtless communications, to hang in clubs I not the fan … Here during a trip to Peter has seen by the car the announcement « I Search for the husband ». Has thought: it is necessary to add this experience to the arsenal! Has reserved in advertising agency an inscription « I Search for the wife » and here three weeks I go so. Friends play a trick, of course, but, on the other hand, many ask how to reserve the same label.

our conversation interrupts a sound come SMS.
- Forgive, - Andrey confusedly smiles. – call, write many – in day on 15 - 20 messages come. Phone already « gljuchit » the beginnings. Especially hardly it is necessary in stoppers – noticed, girls go nearby, pretend that consider something on a wheel, and mine nomerok write down. Some meetings already were, but while all not that …

- And what requirements to the pretender - that?
- the Most important thing – that was quiet, house. Did not smoke. Alcohol – well it is possible a little, on feasts in the company. I abhor drugs. Full I do not love – always I apologise, but I speak: « You not in my taste ». And not babbling. I do not understand, if at the girl the guy is, what for to it of a disco? Dance houses!

- usually in 25 years of the man argue &hellip is much easier;
- On - to mine, at this age already it is time to marry. I want, that my children saw me young and full of strength. Before eyes an example of my parents – they in 25 years have already established a family and till now live happily. I too have already blossomed for serious relations. To the darling is ready to give everything that in my forces and possibilities.

- well here and if has met such house - quiet, and it we will admit, smokes? – I ask at last.
- Will throw! – Andrey firmly responds.

- too well-fad?
- Will grow thin!

- yes … Hardly all - taki is necessary to you. Demand for husbands though also big, but on such « a domestic tyranny » too not all agree.
- we Will search! – it optimistically winks. When the car leaves, I notice: the young blonde convulsively writes down last figures of phone from a luggage carrier …

the Questionnaire of the groom
Cinema: Melodramas, comedies
Music: the priest, romantic
the Favourite dish: manty
Rest: on the nature
I Want children: the boy and the girl
That never I will forgive: a deceit, change