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In Tver the Heat, has rescued summer from a heat of inspectors of traffic police

, the thermometer column steals up to plus of thirty. In a city, where around asphalt, - closeness.

- Probably, especially hard it is necessary now to inspectors who on fasts stand. When by we drive, and it would be desirable to give to drink their ice water, - felt sorry GAI officers of the colleague - motorists on editorial planerke.   No sooner said than done. We buy in shop some packings of ice mineral water and we go to a city.

At shopping centre « the Ruby » we hand over mineral water to the first inspector.

- Thanks, of course, - confusedly are told by him. Explains that watch at it two through two since eight mornings till ten evenings without interruption for a dinner. So vodichka by the way.

- And with the heads it is co-ordinated? - The inspector on Soviet timidly is interested.

- it is not necessary to photograph me and mineral waters it is not necessary to me, - tries to refuse postovoj at Legislative Assembly. - I work.

Talking to us, manages to measure speed of infringers, aiming through the device of video fixing towards a mosque. Then dobreet, tells that it one on responsible fast at regional parliament - every day from nine to six on work. We hand over to it cool vodichku.

If the heat will proceed, the action will be repeated
the Photo: Alexander of THUNDERS

- you know, on fast we should not to drink. It, according to researches, is badly reflected in image of service, - osharashivaet postovoj on Three-Svjatsky.

- And how to be? - We are surprised.

- Well, in the car you will sit down and you will drink. And so it is impossible.

Cool water puts in the car, promises that will drink then. Two hours we carried water on stationary fasts. The inspector was accepted by gifts with care, but nobody has refused. If the heat proceeds, we promise to repeat the action soon.