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a Biline Business starts new service « the Easy step to a Biline » for clients of a fixed-line telephony

Thus all who will call on former number, will hear to the short message on change of number of the client then the call will be translated at once to its new number « a Biline » and the client can respond to a call. The given service is given on a free basis and operates within three months from the moment of connection to services of a stationary telephony « a Biline ». Besides, during the same period the client will not pay user`s payments for new number.

« Change of telephone number of the company which is known to clients and partners in business – rather unpleasant process threatening by loss of important contacts. With new service « the Easy step to a Biline on a fixed-line telephony » Clients can be assured that any call will not be lost, and partners in business always remain on communication. Thus clients will receive special conditions on connection of new telephone numbers » - Alexey Nazarov, the Director for marketing tells business - a segment, Open Society « Vympelcom ».

At the moment service is accessible to corporate clients of Moscow and St.-Petersburg. Connection of the given service probably on no more than three numbers and provided that the contract on granting of telecommunication services will be concluded for one year or on bolshy term.

is more detailed about service look on a site b2b. beeline. ru.


« a Biline » Business – structural division GK « Vympelcom » which conducts the activity in the market of corporate users. Renders the services of an order of 200 thousand to corporate clients. In a portfolio « a Biline » Business more than 70 decisions for business, including on the basis of convergence mobile and a fixed-line telephony. Call - the centre « a Biline » Business — one of the largest representatives of the Russian market autsorsingovyh call - the centres. In it it is located more than 1100 camera places, in day it is processed more than 100 000 messages. « a Biline » Business is the leader on granting of a telecommunication service in the market of commercial real estate. The total number of objects connected to a network « a Biline » makes more than 3500 buildings in Moscow and regions of Russia, from them an order of 30 % is a business - the class centres « And ». Extent of own VOLS GK « Vympelcom » including international, long-distance, zonovye and local channels makes 87 thousand kilometres. « a Biline » Business is the primary operator of the main Internet for more 300 ISP in territory of Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries. International IP - the network with carrying capacity of 170 Gbit/ sek has own sites in Stockholm, Frankfurt, London, New York.

« Vympelcom » is one of the world`s largest groups of the operators, rendering the integrated telecommunication services, including a telecommunication service and date transmissions on the basis of a wide spectrum of technologies wireless and a fixed-line telephony, and also broadband access to the Internet, to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Algeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Central African republic, Italy and Canada. « Vympelcom » conducts operations worldwide in territory with the general population about 868 million persons. The company renders services under brands « a Biline » « Kievstar » « djuice » « Wind » « Infostrada » « Mobilink » « Leo » « Banglalink » « Telecel » and « Djezzy ». As of March, 31st, 2011 the total of subscribers of the Company made 186 million. Actions « Vympelcom » are quoted on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange (NYSE) under a symbol the VIP. Behind more detail information be converted: www. vimpelcom. com