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“ Ulov “ the Ministry of Emergency Measures: in a week on 20 infringements of security on water

Yesterday there was a day of national mourning for victims by the steam-ship « Bulgarija ». We will remind that the vessel has sunk on Volga on Sunday. Onboard the steam-ship there were 205 persons, it was possible to escape only 79. Now 60 persons on - former are registered on missing persons (details read on our site). In connection with these events citizens have quite natural question: water walks for inhabitants of our area are how much safe? As affairs with the Tyumen river transport, « are; has learnt in the Government of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Tyumen region.

- For today on area it is registered more than 10 000 courts, from them more than 6 000 - motor boats, - the main inspector on small size vessels GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across the Tyumen region Sergey Kaplin has told. - the checkup Spent in this year speaks about a satisfactory status of a sailing charter. We will remind: To   to small size vessels boats and boats capacity to 12 persons concern. According to Sergey Sergeevicha, for last five years of incidents with participation of river transport it is not registered. The main inspector considers that it is connected first of all with rather small sizes of reservoirs   the Tyumen region. However work suffices inspectors of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and water police every day.

Weekly employees of inspection should make more than 20 reports in connection with various infringements. It and absence of check in or vehicle slip numbers, and management of a motor boat or a boat without the corresponding permission. Fishermen especially often trespass - they frequently scorn safety rules, including leave on water without life jackets. By the way, the majority of cases of  destruction of fishermen is connected with these infringements on the Tyumen lakes and the rivers. Quite often additional, if not the basic,   Alcohol becomes a cause of the tragedy also. Fans of extreme rest on water - owners of hydrocycles - also risk to obtain the penalty from employees of inspection. To drive with a breeze on a water smooth surface it is possible only in one, place specially taken away for this purpose - on Andreevsky lake. However hydrocycles continually appear on various reservoirs.


In water area Ob - Irtysh pool it is registered more than 3 000 self-propelled vessels. By July, 1st   2011 of inspector Gosmorrechnadzora have spent about 1500 checks. Their results of a steel of 715 revealed infringements and more than 250 interdictions for operation. Basically - from - for absence of necessary documents, and also from - for malfunctions of the saving and fire equipment. Serviceability of each vessel is annually checked also in the spring, before the navigation beginning.