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Saratovtsev will teach to extinguish wood. On everyone the fireman

From - for droughty summer last year in area have lost not only fields and woods, but also apartment houses. Worst of all it was necessary to inhabitants of the remote villages where there are no fire brigades - to arrival ognebortsev from woods and apartment houses there were only ashes. This year, unlike, it is less than fires, but after all and the summer yet has not ended. And here rescuers any more did not become. Not to admit repetition of the last year`s scenario, MCHSniki have decided to train to struggle with fire of volunteers. On everyone the fireman …

- to Cope with forest fires we are not in time simply physically, people do not suffice. Therefore have decided to instruct with local residents that in case of occurrence of fire they have been prepared and did not give in to a panic. To enter a team very simply: we type men is more senior 18 years and without serious problems with health. Well if the volunteer is able to render first aid or has the privately owned vehicle - such is written down first of all. For girls too we wait, though, of course, we will not send them to a scorching heat, we will train in medical aid bases, - the assistant to the chief of Central administrative board of the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures Alexey Evdokimov speaks.

Where it is possible to register?

it is possible to Make an application on a site of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, having filled the special questionnaire: www. 64mchs. gov. ru