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After tragedy with steam-ship Bulgarija in Krasnoyarsk region total check of river crafts

Free riders

Accident on Volga has begun, as one would expect, has caused total check of river crafts. Western - the Siberian transport Office of Public Prosecutor has already become interested in irregular passenger transportations on water.

- Checks of courts were always spent, - tells a press - the secretary Western - the Siberian transport Office of Public Prosecutor Natalia Krinitsky. – Simply now they, we will tell so, are strengthened under instructions of the president.

« Unexpectedly » it was opened that on Krasnoyarsk a water basin series steam-ships « JAroslavets » quite often take aboard twice more passengers, than it is necessary. How much they are suitable for water cruises it is possible to guess only, but city tourist agencies why - that have stopped sale of tickets for walks across Yenisei and the Krasnoyarsk sea.

- River walks and cruises have cancelled, - Maria, the manager of one of travel agencies of Krasnoyarsk speaks. – now there are checks of courts from - for tragedies with « Bulgariej ». On Sunday it has sunk, and on Monday ship-owners have declared – sales to stop, money for already bought tickets to return. When walks &ndash will renew; while it is not known, but the nearest walking flights on « JAroslavtse » have been planned for July, 23rd. On Monday something should be cleared up.

the Deputy chief of the Yenisei management « gosmorrechnadzor » Vitaly Derevtsov says that the strengthened checks will end on Monday: « Week they will precisely last. But nobody could forbid walking flights! Probably ship-owners have wanted it ».

There is a question – why?

Old men on water

River walks and cruises across Yenisei – so-called irregular passenger transportations, almost completely are in hands of private ship-owners.

- Basically, present checks also have begun to reveal the ship-owners who do not have the permission of the register on transportations and on a broader scale operation of a vessel, - the first deputy director « speaks; Passazhirrechtrans » Anatoly Fomin. - Though it is assured that as watch courts on Yenisei, probably in few places look after.

it is possible, Anatoly Dmitrievich judges all Krasnoyarsk plavsredstvah, as that are on balance of its company. In 2006 the Yenisei river shipping company has passed all regular passenger transportations in conducting « Passzhirrechtransa ». It is the state organisation. In spite of the fact that the state passenger-carrying fleet of Yenisei – These are the vessels constructed still in 50 - e years of the last century (for example, « Michael Lermontov » concerns the same series, as sunk « Bulgarija » 1955 of release), in the company, steam-ships watch, how it is necessary. Except already mentioned « Lermontov » it still « Tchkalov » and « Sailors ». In 2011 of court have undergone « to checkup » also have corresponding permissions to an exit in swimming. Engines of steam-ships « otkapitaleny » rowing shaft the part of cases is replaced, updated. By saving means of court are larded with a stock - on a quarter more demanded. From the beginning of navigation steam-ships have already made on three flights, and remarks to them yet were not. By the way, before crew navigation – from the simple sailor to the technician, have passed retraining.

That less, after events with « Bulgariej » in « Passazhirrechtranse » Has begun, as Anatoly Fomin « has noticed; busy season ». Company vessels have undergone to additional checks about saving and vodootlivnyh means, serviceability and tightness of windows. It is no wonder, considering that the governor of edge has told: « Passazhirrechtrans » – first of all! The state company should be an example! »

for Whom it is necessary?!

the Lion of Smiths has demanded to check up on a broader scale all fleet of edge. Including of small size. Even hydrocycles and certainly yachts.

- At many owners is not present either the state check in, or driving experience, certificates on the right of management of this technics, - the governor has told.

Therefore with 12   July in Yeniseisk branch of the Russian river register at employees have cancelled all holidays. Experts of department need to check up all vessels working on Yenisei.

And the minister of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu has suggested to equip river crafts with monitoring systems – equipment similar « to a black box ».

Truth doubtfully that the offer of the minister will make river fleet more safely.

is there should be a registrar and works of engines, both course changes, and negotiations, - the captain of a Krasnoyarsk vessel « speaks; the Ship`s boy » Sergey Kuznetsov. – and it costs considerable money. Therefore to think up - that we can everything - « black boxes » registrars, only as all it will be executed?

In Krasnoyarsk region 438 ship-owners. From them 386 have in the property on one vessel. On them the basic part of infringements because frequently they save on everything, even on planned repair is necessary. What to speak about expensive equipment!