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Has grown up children much - receive honour and glory

Semja Vasilevyh from Perm - creative. Draw, sing, write verses in it all - young and old.   the high lath to brothers and sisters is set by successes of oldest daughter Ani. The best pupil of year, it has ended art school, participates in every possible competitions. And, of course, Anna - an example for kids who after elder sister please mum with the achievements, let while modest.  


the House with children is the whole world

- the House in which 5 children, are the whole world, - mum Jeanne Vasileva having many children speaks.  

Vasilevy creatively approach and to home management. Here again all of them together. Children help mum to be tidied up with the house, to wash floor, ware to make a dinner. To cook   pelmeni or to bake a fruitcake - for them not a problem. In their hands any work is argued. Jeanne Mihajlovna, head big and an united family, is assured - that will enclose in children will come back storitsej. Now Vasilevy prepare for participation in annual regional competition « the Best large family ». To melt jury hearts, mum herself has composed a family hymn, where the main words: « Let in thy heart begins mechtoju to decorate the earth of the dobrotoju ».

already in the near future works of such parents will be especially marked. To them begin to hand over signs « Parental glory » with single payments from the regional budget. Sootvet - stvujushchy the bill on the instructions of governor Oleg Chirkunova was already developed by the regional ministry of social development. Till the end of its July it is planned to bring for discussion in Legislative Assembly. Rewarding by a medal « Parental glory » will annually pass on the threshold of Day of mother which is marked in November. Together with an award mums having many children will receive single payment from the regional budget.


to Feel necessary

- Parental work lasts 24 hours a day, - Jeanne Vasileva speaks. - Therefore establishment of a medal it is good. It is pleasant to feel that thy work have estimated that it is necessary. And when you feel necessary, try even more and do.

Why there was an idea of establishment of a medal « Parental glory » in the Perm edge? In a regional Public reception of prime minister Vladimir Putin the whole pile of letters from inhabitants of Krasnovisherska, Ilinsky, Nytvy and other cities of edge with such offer lies. In Prikamye - 16 thousand large families, and units can receive the All-Russia order only.

- the quota - no more than 100 orders is all over the country allocated, - Irina ShCherbakova, the adviser of regional Public adoptive Vladi - Putin`s world tells. - however we have registered set of references of large families which would like that the award has been founded at level of the Perm edge.  


Want to give birth - we will support

  Among those who all hands « for »   this offer, Tatyana and George Luzjaniny from Nytvy. To build home life where five children, it simultaneously both difficultly, and is joyful. To feed so much mouths is it is necessary to possess really cook talents and persistence. Therefore Tatyana rises in 5 mornings and bakes pies. This favourite family dish.

- it is good that assistants have grown up, - Tatyana Luzjanina speaks. - Four daughters, all manage in process of forces - prepare, erase, iron, tidy up the house.    

there Lives a family for the salary of parents. And all the rest   - from own beds. 12 hundred parts for a family from 7 persons - excellent help. But also work demand, therefore any hands worth its weight in gold. Everyone does that can - who hills a potato, who collects berries.

- 5 children are was predicted, - George Luzjanin tells. - At my parents 9 kids were born. Therefore now at me 24 cousins and 34 cousins. It is a lot of relatives.    

- the Big family where it is a lot of children, it is healthy, - the governor Oleg Chirkunov is assured. - And such families it is necessary to support. It is important, that successful families dared at a birth of the third and the subsequent children. And motives which we now enter in the Perm edge are for this purpose necessary.

So, in the Perm edge large families acquire the priority right to habitation acquisition under the regional program « Maintenance with habitation of young families ». Besides, in frameworks « the National program » it   will give out the free ground areas under habitation building.


Participants of Obshcheros - sijskogo the Popular front in the Perm edge have brought in « the National program » the offer on honourable rewarding of mothers of families having many children.