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In the Chelyabinsk area will be raskulachivat ground barons

When have announced that the state can take away now plots, peasants have decided that all it will turn back black repartition. A pier, rich men will start to deprive of their sites. Actually, the new legislation most of all threatens just to ground barons.

— If the peasant processes the plot to select it it is impossible, — experts of Rosreestra in the Chelyabinsk area speak. — and here owners by whom ponabrali earth hectares in different areas and anything with it do not do, easily can lose it!

At first the penalty, then — court

Select grounds today can on two bases.

1. If site operation conducts to loss of a fertile layer or to fertility decrease. By the way, with it at us administrations of settlements more often trespass. On farmlands they quite often suit dumps of household garbage!

And private traders that have leased the earth, dig foundation ditches on sand or rubble extraction.

2. If the owner does not use the earth for agricultural manufacture within three and more years, that is simply it has thrown.

it is necessary to auditors to notice wrong on your site — and the castor has twirled! At first the careless owner will fine for the round sum (to physical persons threatens 2 — 5 thousand rbl. of the penalty, to officials — 4 — 6 thousand, and legal — 80 - 100 thousand rbl.) Also will ask to eliminate infringements. If the proprietor also is not scratched, local authorities have the right to demand through court to withdraw these earths and to expose on the auctions.

will Define fault difficult

However, to carry out all this procedure in real life not so - that simply. The government of Russia yet has not developed criteria on which it is possible to define damage of a fertile layer. Now to estimate it it is unequivocally possible only in the egregious examples. And to bring an action the state it is not obliged, but only has the right. In other words, if the official lazy or is personally interested, that changed nothing, the earth and remains in hands of the careless owner.

P. S. is more detailed about new rules to you will tell:

1. In Rosselhoznadzore on the Chelyabinsk area.

Chelyabinsk, Kudryavtsev`s street, 1. Ph. (351) 771 - 41 - 68.

2. In Upravlenii Rosreestra on the Chelyabinsk area.

Chelyabinsk, street Elkina, 85, kab. 319. Ph. (351) 210 - 38 - 30.


it is possible to Lose also a personal kitchen garden

the New legislation concerns only those earths which are given under agricultural manufacture. However owners of private summer residences, kitchen gardens and personal part-time farms too need to be on the alert. Certain rules of care of the earth exist and for them. If for years to plant on a site a tall weeds and weeds sooner or later you will fine for the sum from thousand to five thousand roubles. However, at first will suggest to put the site in order on - good. If you ignore this request, you are threatened too with site withdrawal through court.