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Mosquitoes infect kostromichej with rare disease

Cases of rare disease for the central Russia which is passed through a mosquito sting, have revealed recently in Kostroma. Behind medical aid two persons were converted while only. Physicians have made the unfavourable diagnosis - dirofiljarioz.

It is the parasitic disease called by roundworms dirofiljarijami, it is especially dangerous to people. Any mosquito which has grasped parasites together with blood of the infected animal can be a carrier. On a sting place at once there is a consolidation which is strongly scratched and itches. Under a skin starts to grow will amaze. Treatment only one - removal of a worm by a surgical way. Now to health of two inhabitants of Kostroma threatens nothing, it had been rendered necessary medical aid. But these two cases became a signal for mass check of all pets.

While the diagnosis dirofiljarioz has proved to be true at one pupil. Now this dog passes treatment in vetklinike. Unfortunately, it is a little ways of preventive maintenance of this disease. Physicians recommend to citizens to observe safety measures, to apply repellents and other means of struggle against mosquitoes, especially if you go to wood. And house pupils to survey at the veterinary surgeon more often. A leah will show at once the blood analysis there is at the favourite doggie or a cat this serious disease.