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Telestars in a heat: “ News I conduct in shorts and slates “

When behind a window +30, it would be desirable to run away in a shade and to lap in cool lake. But the working day nobody cancelled! And if at office it is possible to include the conditioner or at least to open windows the television studio represents a deaf room with set of equipment. During record of transfers TV presenters test double loading - and from bright, hot spotlights and for stirring before shootings. And here everyone escapes as can.

- In news studio there is a conditioner. There happens even so cold that our operators work in jackets, - the leader « tells; sports News » on ONT Artashes Antonjan. - But such temperature drops when from a heat you come at once to a cold, badly affect on health - quinsy is in that case provided. So during the aethers I try to do without it.

Artashes has found a way out. In front of the chamber the TV presenter sits at a table, and spectators see it only to a belt in a strict shirt and a tie. Actually under a table from spectator eyes jeans to a knee and slates are hidden.

Leader Artashes Antonjan hides under a table in studio a summer variant of a suit.
a photo: from personal archive.

Leader « Dobraj šąķiöū, Belarus! » on the first channel it is possible to envy. Their working day begins with a dawn (the program leaves on the air in 6 mornings, and on a platform leaders come in an hour - Red. ) when in the street it is still fresh after cool night. However, in hot weather TV presenters prefer, that in cups that stand on a little table in studio, there was a water, instead of traditional tea and coffee. And in studio of program STV « Morning. Studio of good mood » there is a fan.

- Spectators can periodically notice, how my long hair slightly flutter as though on a wind, - leader Olga Burlakova shares secret secrets. - Still sometimes we dare to conduct the program without footwear. So it is easier! But the main thing, of course, that at you was good mood, and in studio - the pleasant company in which you forget both about a heat, and about a cold.

Sports commentator Vladimir Novitsky too had to tell time and again about a course of matches in 30 - gradusnuju a heat.

- Escaped it is banal: took with itself in a booth cold water. For a match drank litre ones and a half.