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Rest in wood: perfect and dangerous

Each city dweller at least time dreamt to distract from constant vanity and haste, to forget about work and duties, to have a rest that is called, « on a nature bosom ». And every summer hundreds cars, with marinaded meat and tents in a luggage carrier, break woodward. Wood – « an oasis » in city wilderness where aspires smothering during hot time. But how to save itself from wood dangers which how practice shows, trap continually?

Danger number one – insects. Wood teems with every possible bugs and small insects, but contact to some of them render on the person most an ill effect. The most widespread are pincers. What representatives of this kind can be met in woods of Smolensk and the Smolensk region? The doctor has told about it to us - dezinfektolog, managing department of preventive disinfection of the Regional centre of disinfection of Sanepidnadzora in the Smolensk region Valentine Nikolaevna Shkoljansky.

- In the Smolensk region exists two kinds of pincers: iksodovyj and dermotsentor, - tells Valentine Nikolaevna. - the Most dangerous tick - iksodus - ritsinus. The development cycle lasts year, under adverse conditions till four years. These pincers, as a rule, winter in a wood laying. But with heat approach, that is in May, they get out of the shelters. Them high wood &ndash does not interest; only bushes to metre. They take seat on an underside of sheet of a bush and wait: taktilno they feel warmly human body. When the person passes by, it can concerns foliage, and the tick there and then creeps on a skin.

Than the tick is dangerous?

« the iksodovyj tick – not a carrier, and the disease carrier. We in the Smolensk region do not have such representatives who transfer the most dangerous disease – kleshchevoj entsefalit. Now at us pincers transfer borrelioz. Across the Smolensk region 19 cases of disease » are fixed already;.

As the tick amazes the person?

« the Tick gets into folds on a body: pahovye, axillary. There, where the most gentle skin and is not enough muscles. The oral device at the tick of cutting type, and the saliva allocates special substance which anaesthetises. That is the person of the sting will not feel! »

the Tick dangerous to the person, unlike what deliver trouble to animals, large. It eats our blood and when gets drunk it, increases even more. And blood to it is necessary to leave offspring and to save the kind.

the Person notices on the body bugorok, size approximately from two peas. What to do?

« not to pull out At all because the cutting oral device was fixed on a vessel, and it remains inside if to pull the tick. It is obligatory to grease a place of a sting or sunflower-seed oil, or glycerine, as a last resort, with kerosene. Any butter creates a film, the tick chokes, and when he has nothing to breathe, he will release the pincers, and already then it is necessary to use tweezers. But not to tear, and accurate insignificant movements it to pull out. Ranku to process iodine, zelyonkoj or spirit »

Entsefalit smoljanam in local woods yet does not threaten. Nevertheless it is necessary to be on the alert: Carriers easily can will extend from - for transport transportations, trade. It is impossible to forget and about dumb animals. If you take the favourite doggie after walk necessarily check up its wool in wood and at detection bugorkov be immediately converted to the veterinary surgeon.

How to struggle with harmful carriers of diseases?

« It is necessary to mow down vegetation by all means. In territory of reservoirs, kindergartens, flight recreation camps, green space. Zones should be processed by special preparations »

If you were going to have a rest in wood, it is necessary not only to know well district not to lose the way, but also competently to put on, not to give to pincers of possibility to get in your organism. What to get from a case? In - the first, bolonevaja the fabric does not allow an insect to be hooked. So bolonevye the jacket and trousers as is impossible are pertinent at a campaign. Trousers should adjoin densely to a boot, and the boot should not leave space for « a free admission » pincers. It is obligatory to close a neck and a head. Also it is possible to be secured by means of preparations, for example Medilis tsiper which can be bought in a drugstore for the small price. Having sprinkled a little it on clothes, you will walk on wood, and yours « aura » becomes a barrier to unpleasant insects.

Uzhi and snakes

In wood except insects - wreckers you can face and various animals. If you meet uzha except bright impressions you do not receive any traumas – uzhi never cause   harm to the person. And if it is not, and a snake it is necessary to prick up the ears. The sting of a nonpoisonous snake leaves on a body two strips of thin small scratches. From a sting of a venomous snake also there are two strips of scratches, but on the end of each of them the puncture from canines is visible. The official medicine as first aid measures at a sting of snakes πεκξμενδσες:σλξζθςό the patient, whenever possible not to allow to it to go and move (that poison did not extend with a blood current on all organism); to calm the patient (nervousness and a panic accelerate a blood-groove and strengthen warm activity); to wash the bitten place warm water with soap and to apply a pure bandage; to give to the bitten extremity the position ennobled in relation to a trunk.

Anyway it is impossible to self-medicate. Be immediately converted to the doctor.

Well it is possible to have a rest only when you are completely confident the security. Therefore, before to go to wood, it is necessary to consider well this trip that then there were only pleasant memoirs. Also remember: Wood also needs your protection. With yourself take some packages in which you will throw garbage. If to believe an old proverb, what do you think of something, and to you.