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to Get on the crane for 60 seconds!

even if hope the Big fish would be born in any other country or for 50 years earlier, it would not exchange work kranovshchitsy, what difficult it would not be. Because always wanted to work at factory. And now on a question: “ What can you make for 60 seconds? ” – she with pride responds:   “ to Get on the crane ”.

I have got acquainted With Nadezhdoj Aleksandrovnoj casually. The working woman of wheel shop of car-repair depot has called me.

-   Why - that now anywhere you will not read article about kranovshchitsah, and after all it is a lot of us, and from sew works much depends. Here, to take Nastju, very valuable employee,   – Galina to me has told.

And I have thought: and why also is not present?


the Hope of Aleksandrovna was born in settlement May Day, in a simple working family. After school year worked as the waitress at restaurant, and then it is casual in the newspaper has read the announcement of a set on courses of crane operators with the further employment in Chita. Deliberated not for long.

  – Has arrived to a city new to, there was no place to live. Has got acquainted with the little girl who too arrived on these courses. It was Chita, has sheltered on pair nights. Already have then arranged in a hostel, – my interlocutor remembers.

to Hope was nineteen when it has come to work on TRZ. Yes so here also remained. Has and it came to pass got acquainted with the future husband Igor. It worked in shop of communistic work, the turner and as it will then be found out, too at once has noticed Nadju. Began to go to the cinema, on dances. The old bridge through Chitinku became a favourite place for enamoured. And have got married.

At Hope and Igor two children. Son Peter has gone in the footsteps of parents, works in wheel shop as the mechanic. And Vick`s daughter nurtures three children. Grandsons without mind from the grandmother, the senior even names its mum.

  – I Have come behind it as - that to a garden, Egorka runs and shouts: “ Mum, mum!!! ” children have stopped in perplexity and look at it. He long did not begin to think, was developed and speaks: “ CHe you look? She is my grandmother! ”   – the Hope laughs.

« the CRANE – it is ROMANTICISM »

Not to each woman under force to work kranovshchitsej. And here the hope could prove that it is work quite approaching for it. It is necessary to know simply well the device « cars » and to work on conscience. In wheel shop there are four bridge cranes, and all with different management. The hope copes with them perfectly.

  – If in shop someone was ill or cannot leave, call the Ice crust (so it names colleagues! – Avt .) It will always gain. Let even it and not its change at all, or on a broader scale a feast any. Always benevolent, quiet, conflicts does not enter. At it the tactics of behaviour, – Galina Sorokin, kranovshchitsa wheel shop shares with us.

  – Our work often underestimate, speak what there not to work supposedly. And after all she very difficult, demands accuracy and attention. Now here already hands, feet are ill, – tells Nadezhda Aleksandrovna.

  On a question: “ Than this trade is interesting to you? ” – the woman responds:

  – I love the work, in it there is any romanticism. Of height I am not afraid, is faster, to the contrary, I like to look at all “ haughtily ”: there is any calmness, tranquility, and problems for a while on the second plan recede

Free time from work at Hope not too much: There are the off-schedule exits, exhausting work at night. Our heroine behind solving of crossword puzzles has a rest. Likes to sit down to table in the cosy kitchen,   to open “ the Pike perch ” and nearby to put, let us assume, dough for pies, and to wait for the favourite members of household. We also passed in such conditions with it conversation.


on July, 27th at Nadezhdy Alesandrovny Birthday!

Collective « sincerely congratulates you from feasts. Be happy, favourite and healthy!