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We make the test on useful and harmful cholesterol

In the project « a leah you Are healthy: pass inspections together with « we tell about all kinds of analyses and inspections. To learn about, a leah you are healthy, with « it becomes easier!

When on the instructions of edition I should make the blood test on the cholesterol maintenance, many colleagues have laughed: « And you - that what for it to do? The result is clear at once … what thin ». But I even was delighted to the task. In - the first as shows our project, analyses and regular inspections never happen superfluous. And in - the second, I was naslyshana about cholesterol and precisely knew that leanness still about what does not speak. So to make the blood test has gone without deliberating.

on the maintenance of cholesterol I handed over Blood in Minsk a city cardiological clinic. The most difficult was to refuse a breakfast. What to do, attempt I love. And after all all analyses surrender on an empty stomach. Fairly I admit, blood from a vein I handed over all the second or third time in life. Procedure not from the pleasant. Always it seems to me that blood take away any extreme quantity in a syringe. And on a puncture place then some more days keep a bruise. However, this time the bruise has not appeared. It is visible that the nurse has worked professionally, for what to it separate thanks.

Already next day I sat in an office of the assistant to the head physician by a medical part of the Minsk city cardiological clinic of Olga Evtuh and assorted together with it results of the analysis.

- All indicators at you are ideal. In an organism there is no overabundance of bad cholesterol and thus suffices good, - there has begun conversation Olga Vladimirovna.

- Always considered that cholesterol it is bad. And here the analysis divides it on good and bad. Tell about it more in detail.

- Cholesterol - substance very necessary. Each section of our organism is surrounded by a membrane where cholesterol is a building material which defines rigidity and permeability of a membrane. Besides, he participates in education of bilious acids which are necessary to us for digestion, and also in education of sexual hormones. That is why at too thin girls it is broken menstrualnyj a cycle, frequently they cannot become pregnant.

Factory of manufacture of cholesterol are cages of a liver. In its organism deliver fibers. Incorporating, cholesterol and fibers form lipoproteinovye particles. Distinguish four kinds of these particles: very low density, low, intermediate and high. First three kinds of particles contain so-called bad cholesterol which is postponed in walls of vessels. And here lipoproteinovye high density particles include good cholesterol. They grasp cholesterol from a vascular wall and transport it in a liver. From a liver it is allocated as a part of bilious acids and leaves an organism through zheludochno - an intestinal path. Thus, good cholesterol protects an organism from atherosclerosis progressing.

- But nevertheless cholesterol there should be any necessary quantity?

- the Common opinion, how much it should be in blood of the person, no. Still two years ago as norm was considered to 6,5 millimol on litre. But recently the indicator more than 5 mmol/ is considered l raised and is regarded as risk factor of an ischemic heart trouble, progressing of an atherosclerosis, an arterial hypertensia and etc.

- In the analysis there are two more letters - TG. What do they designate?

is triglitseridy - too one of fats of plasma of blood. They collect in a fatty fabric and are spent as required - during physical or emotional loading. It is our stock of energy. The raised level triglitseridov is responsible for vascular complications of a diabetes. And recently all physicians struggle with the raised level of these fats in a human body.

- Sometimes so it would be desirable to eat something harmful, high-calorie. Really the fat food will do much harm at once to an organism?

- Level triglitseridov will raise literally in two hours. And here that cholesterol has raised, it is necessary is long to eat the fat food rich with cholesterol - then there will be a metabolism infringement. It is important to remember that cholesterol level in blood only on one third depends that we eat. The rest is that we have inherited. On reception absolutely thin patients sometimes come, and level of cholesterol at them is raised. And here only the diet will not help. In the relation triglitseridov all to the contrary: one third is a hereditary factor, and two third is that we eat.

- Who on a broader scale needs to make the test on cholesterol?

- It is necessary to check cholesterol level in an organism after 40 years. All - taki the atherosclerosis is a disease which directly depends on age. But young too send to make this specific test. Especially if there is a surplus of weight of a body, hereditary predisposition (it is warm - vascular diseases at blood relatives aged to 55 - 60 years) if the person smokes. Men have the big predisposition to warm - to vascular diseases. Women from atherosclerosis development are protected by sexual hormones. If the analysis has confirmed that at you the raised level of cholesterol, the doctor recommends a diet and appoints treatment. Also it is necessary to trace constantly cholesterol level in an organism.

- If to eat let and the forbidden roll with butter, and then a pair of clocks to take a walk in park - really cholesterol will be postponed in an organism?

- Is not present, it will not be postponed. At the raised requirement for energy it leaves your organism.

- you said that cholesterol level not always can be supervised a diet. How then to be at whom it is raised?

- For today there is a whole group of preparations. Them name statinami. They block enzyme which participates in cholesterol education. These preparations have appeared in 80 - e year of the last century. And recently there were also preparations which supervise level triglitseridov in blood. They are called fenofibratami. There is an opinion that all these medicines ruin a liver. And so, the glass of beer which is drunk by the majority of the population every day, has more toxic an effect on a liver, than daily reception of these preparations.


How to define surplus of weight of a body?

the Variant 1. to Define an index of weight of a body (IMT). IMT it is equal: weight (in kgs), divided into growth (in metres) in a square. The result from 18,5 to 25 is considered norm.

the Variant 2. to Measure a waist circle at navel level. As surplus will be considered more than 88 centimetres for women and more than 102 centimetres for men.

it is important to KNOW

Products which are recommended to be used:

- fowl without a skin, and also lean meat (veal, a rabbit, fast beef);

- fat fish of northern seas (a crash, a flounder, a tuna, salmon);

- vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, linen and etc.) ;

- soft margarine with the low maintenance of cholesterol (5 g a day);

- eggs (fiber without restrictions, a yolk – no more than 1 in day);

- vegetables (not less 400гр a day);

- fruit (not less 400гр a day);

- bread bezdrozhzhevoj and from a flour of a rough grinding, crackers, ovsjanoe cookies;

- the porridge, not polished fig.

it is necessary to refuse what products:

- hard fats (animal fats, butter, firm margarine);

- fat, a duck, a goose;

- sausages, sausages, pastes and etc.;

- pies, cakes, biscuits, puddings, ice-cream

the Daily norm of cholesterol should be nearby 300 milligramme a day. For example, almost such quantity of cholesterol contains in a yolk of one egg.


cholesterol Indicators in blood at the healthy person

the General cholesterol - less than 5 mmol/ litre

Bad cholesterol - less than 3 mmol/ l

Good cholesterol - more than 1 mmol/ l

Triglitseridy - less than 1,7 mmol/ l.

For those who suffers affliction certain diseases, the doctor paints individual norm of the maintenance of cholesterol in blood - so-called target level.

How more often to make the test on cholesterol?

- to the Healthy person after 40 years - once a year.

- In the presence of chronic diseases the regularity of delivery of the analysis is established by the attending physician.