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The husband has not got on the ship from - for colds, and the wife by miracle has escaped

And here such « bad luck » - two days prior to a trip of Farid has fallen ill with temperature. Also has conceded the ticket to the girlfriend of the wife Elena.

When there was a failure, Gulfira with Elena were in a cabin.

- I have come up, and it is not present... I at all have not understood, where it was gone: all happens so quickly, - remembers Gulfira. - When I have come up, to me have helped to rise on a rubber boat. All its bottom was red from blood... On me have put any scared child, I was afraid to set a hand and a foot - the boat on waves could turn over in any second.

Through an hour and a half Gulfira it has appeared on « Arabelle ». And in the evening on July, 11th Farid has met her in river port of Kazan.

- From my firm to travel there have gone 28 persons, were lost 23, - Gulfira cries. - I give thanks to God that Farid remained at home... But also Elena was my best girlfriend...


« Bulgarii » did only for the USSR

the Two-deck walking diesel engine - an electrocourse « Bulgarija » has been constructed in 1955 in Czechoslovakia. Such vessels were created for operation on Volga, Kama, Don, Yenisei, Ob, Irtysh and Dnepr. The wrecked ship « Bulgariej » began to be called only recently. Earlier he bore a name « Ukraine » but on it so much debts hung that it have ceased to accept in all ports. It was necessary to rename.

Such courts it has been let out 36. For more than half a century practically all of them have been taken out of service. And on many cabins have converted in suites. That has negatively affected security - two life boats from four have been left only.

Alexander SEMENOV, Evgenie LUKJANITSA.