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In some Krasnoyarsk supermarkets continue to sell strong alcohol at night

the New law on restriction of sale of alcohol has called many disputes. We will remind, it has come into force since Friday on July, 22nd. Now with 23. 00 to 08. 00 in shops it is impossible to sell any alcohol, except beer.

At Krasnoyarsk citizens of opinion on the bill absolutely different. Someone is glad to an innovation and says that at last - that becomes less than night drunk crimes. Others: the pier, the new law limits constitutional laws of citizens of Russia. There are also the third, considering that anything good all the same it will not turn out - only underground sale of spirits bad quality now will prosper.

As to businessmen the majority and have not understood that is possible also that it is impossible. In one Krasnoyarsk shops sell everything, in others – refuse after 23 to trade even in beer.

- my family has a small little shop which trades, including, and alcoholic drinks, - Nikolay, the investigator « speaks; Radio - « » on 171,1 FM. – When there has passed the information that the law comes into force, we have opened the Internet - a site « the Adviser » also have looked at details there. And before article about the new law it has been written that position comes into force only since 2012. And in a city the brothel now is created! Half of businessmen have hung out announcements of sale restriction, other half of it has not made. We called to lawyers – so they while plainly do not understand anything …

Judging by one data, from alcohol now at night it is possible to sell only beer, and any. Restriction in 5 degrees will come into force only since July, 2012. However owners of the big supermarkets almost as one do not release to townspeople strong beer already now.

the Majority of small shops and as stalls with pavilions, continue to sell the forbidden goods – that is strong alcohol, indifferently.

it is Literally one of these days correspondents « » on a private experience were convinced of it. Still on Monday evening we have agreed: after an hour « iks » that is later 23. 00, some persons will come into shops nearby to the house and will try to buy alcohol.

And if in « the Commodore » « Red Jare » and « the Loaf » sale to us have refused, that, for example, in a supermarket « 25 hours » the cashier it was pulled by a hand to the bottle of wine put on cash desk.

- you are going to sell to us it? – with surprise we have asked.

- Yes, and what?

- you know, what transgression?

- My God! – the saleswoman considerably strains. - We yet did not have any orders!

By the way, no announcements of an interdiction of night sale of alcohol in shop too existing.

to Transgression and buy the forbidden wine we did not become. But have learnt that threatens those who does not observe new rules – to shop can solder in the penalty from 3 to 40 thousand roubles.


Roman Valerev temporarily fulfilling duties of the deputy chief of the centre on struggle against offences in sphere of consumer market GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia across Krasnoyarsk region:

- it is valid, at night it is impossible to sell any alcohol, except beer. But no boundary on 5 gradusnuju a strong hold of a drink is present. The matter is that when the bill was brought in a thought, this restriction made a reservation. But already after in the State Duma have passed readings, the point has been excellent. Most likely, people simply in the old manner have not read up the law or nedoponjali it. But since July, 2012 beer will equate to other alcoholic production, and he too cannot be bought with 23. 00 to 08. 00.