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For disclosure of data on clients the Internet - shops nobody will punish

Search engines have told all about buyers the Internet - shops: names, surnames, addresses and to phone of buyers, the list of the goods reserved by them became the popular data. If last week umeltsy could find out the search inquiry opening access to strangers SMS - to messages now in the Network there was full personal data of many thousand users.

- owners of sites want to make them as soon as possible and as it is possible more cheaply, therefore study of safety issues simply is not put in the estimate, - the expert on network security Alexander Bondarenko has told. - there is a set of ways of protection of the information on buyers in the Internet - shops. On solid portals of anything to peep it will not turn out. And here the sites made « on a knee » with pleasure will open to any searcher all cherished secrets of the clients.

According to Bondarenko, the law on protection of the personal information, even taking into account last amendments, in any way will not protect usual users.

- there there is a norm: the personal data should be stored confidentially, - the expert explains. - and further concrete requirements are resulted: private affairs to clean in the safe, to close offices and so on. To the Internet it is any relation has no, so officials hardly can reveal transgressions and punish guilty of mass leaks.

therefore that who thirsts justice, it is necessary - to bring an action one against the Internet - shops, to demand moral and material indemnification. However, still it is necessary to prove last somehow.