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Hardly on a beach I have lain down, as the purse

With ward of summer we has evaporated, journalists, in reports even more often began to notice messages with a mark « theft »: « At having a rest on a beach permjakov have pulled down a purse » « At the teenager have stolen a bicycle » « In apartment thieves » have climbed;. « has made a rating of summer thefts. And how to save the property, the deputy chief of department of organizational activity the district militia officer of police and division PDN Ruslan Asadullin has told.

room thefts

In hot days the people aspire to leave faster a city on a summer residence, in village, abroad. And the apartment remains without supervision.

Thieves get into apartments more often in the afternoon, when all possible witnesses on work. Peak time of thefts - from 10 o`clock till 14 o`clock.

As itself to protect: it is important to have good, confidential relations with neighbours. For the period of absence ask them to look at least behind your mail box, after all for first sign of that owners on a trip, - just overflowed with advertising newspapers and municipal receipts a box.

Many permjaki consider that plastic windows are safe for leaving in an airing mode. But actually the window in such position easily opens outside a screw-driver.

- I know cases when thieves in plastic windows drilled small apertures and easy opened them, without breaking glass, - tells Ruslan Asadullin. - Therefore if you live on the ground floor, it will be more reliable to put lattices. However, in poorly populated areas there were cases when a lattice adhered to the car and one leap broke a metal obstacle.

If you want real protection and safety of your things, an exit one - alarm system installation. Here again too it is important not to be mistaken.

- Carefully read the contract which you conclude with the security enterprise, - tells Ruslan Irekovich. - time during which the group will arrive to a place should be there necessarily registered. Optimum it is considered - 3 - 5 minutes. Than time of abiding of group less, the its structure is more skilled, the it is more probability that your things will be in an integrity and safety.

Well and if the misfortune nevertheless happens, and your apartment obokrali. What to do?

- Having noticed door damages (the lock is opened, traces from mount are visible), in   which case do not enter inside, - advises Ruslan Asadullin. - At once type « 02 » also wait arrival of law enforcement bodies. Survey and detection of proofs begins already with an input in apartment, it is important, that owners have not hurt possible proofs, for example, fingerprints.

Bicycles and mopeds

- For Perm thefts of bicycles are not characteristic, - continues Ruslan Irekovich. - Recently in a city there was a considerable quantity of bicycle parking to which it is possible to attach the two-wheeled transport reliably. And, besides, permjaki   not so - that hurry with statements for loss in police.

And here if bicycles steal, more often from places of beach rest. Unfortunately, not all our beaches are equipped by special parking, and to steal a bicycle simply enough, for example, when its owner is in water.

to Search for bicycles it is problematic. There are some ways: under the description of the owner and on chambers of external video observation.

If the bicycle was gone, first of all call « 02 ». To detain the criminal without delay is much easier, than next day.  

How to protect itself: For the period of parking use locks - cables. Do not leave the two-wheeled friend without supervision. And if all - taki needs to be left, look, that nearby there was a security guard or the video observation chamber.

Vanish in the summer and popular in scooter youth.

- Such losses we quickly find. More often them steal to drive, and in an hour - two throw nearby, - the expert explains.

Even on a beach be afraid of theft

every summer in police go permjaki which have lost the values during bathing.

- Unfortunately, thefts on beaches speak only about disorder of our citizens, - Ruslan Asadullin sighs.

How to protect itself: it is possible to ask to observe things of the neighbour, but here any guarantee. If you not one, bathe by turns. And the most important thing - not to sleep on a beach. More often without handbags there are women who protect the person from the sun and close its towel.

we Protect phone

In hot weather all are dressed with light baggage: shorts, a T-shirt, an easy sundress. With itself, well a maximum, a tiny handbag into which enters nothing. Pilferers use it. They snatch out mobile phones directly from hands of victims during the most unexpected moment.

In this case it is important to declare loss as soon as possible. Under individual number phone can be found out, even if into it have inserted another this - a map.

What to advise? At that minimum of clothes which on the person in hot weather, it is possible to recommend only one - compress a tube more strong and be more vigilant, parade phone less.

in law enforcement bodies to us have told that for the last some months in Perm almost on 40 % have grown theft of nonferrous metals. It is connected by that in points metallopriema the prices for scrap metal have risen. Here lift attendants - thieves most of all suffer affliction, making the way in liftovye mines, remove brake coils.


From all made crimes of 59 % are crimes against the property.

every days in Perm occurs 6 - 7 thefts - are included into this figure room thefts, thefts of phones and etc.

For 6 months 2011 in Perm 449 room thefts are registered. (As have noted in the Department of Internal Affairs across Perm, it is less than last year on 24,2 %).