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In the Bryansk region policemen have detained two swindlers who were giving out for sotsrabotnikov

Alas, Bryansk old men on - former remain the most vulnerable target for any swindlers. So, recently police have detained two men – 54 - summer and 26 summer brjantsev which went on tour on area and a deceit took away from older persons last money. On it on July, 25th has informed a press - service UMVD of Russia across the Bryansk region.

Tasty tea and fresh honey for rascals

the Inhabitant of village Chipinichi, 80 - the summer old man, and his wife very much were delighted to visit of two men – one is more senior, another is younger. And as! After all visitors were presented by social workers and even have shown certificates. The master of the house and a surname has read. Not every day the heads here and so easily come to see old men. Moreover and the help offer …

- to you, the grandfather, should bring free of charge fire wood, - visitors have declared. – and still will give a money by May, 9th – on 40 thousand roubles.

Here happiness - that privalilo, elderly spouses have thought. On pleasures they have treated « sotsrabotnikov » tasty tea and fresh honey. And those continued:

- Here only there is one problem …. It would be necessary to pay surtax from this indemnification.

is how much, sonnies? – old men have a little become puzzled.

- Yes on 7 seven thousand from everyone, - men have confidently told. – that is, all 14 thousand.

Such sum at old men has not appeared. Houses remained savings – 10 thousand 500 roubles. About what they also have told to visitors.

- No trouble! – have calmed « sotsrabotniki ». – Here will bring to you fire wood then will give the rest ….

Spouses have thought and have taken out money. And really that these of 10 thousand when to them will pay whole 80 for two! And when old men have asked to undersign for any receipts, doubts and have at all dissipated.

- And here it to you a gift! – visitors have told and have laid out before spouses a medical bandage on a head and a magnetic bracelet. – these devices improve state of health.

Pleasures of owners were not a limit. They left to spend « sotsrabotnikov ».

- Then old men have told the policeman that men have left on silvery « to the Field - Chevrolet » - speak in a press - service UMVD of Russia across the Bryansk region. – the owner even has remembered car number. It has very much helped with capture of swindlers.

Only in two hours the master of the house has called the son and all has told. That also has explained to the father that them have simply deceived. Then has called police.

to you raise pension! Pay the tax?

It has appeared that even earlier the same swindlers have visited at older persons Sevsky and Brasovsky areas.

- on July, 5th two men were declared on a visit to 84 - to summer inhabitant Sevska, - the chief of investigatory department of intermunicipal department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia « tells; Sevsky »   Andrey   Officers. – they were presented to the owner by representatives of one political party. Have told that in the country raise pension to 27 thousand roubles, and have enticed at the old man of 15 thousand. In a gift to the elderly person they have left two boxes with a medicine for joints.

the Old man   has believed and did not begin at once to check contents of boxes, Andrey Ofitserov speaks. Has looked only next day and has understood that him have deceived. And itself it was converted into police. Neighbours of the victim also have described a motor vehicle, on signs very similar on « the Field - Chevrolet ».

One more victim « sotsrabotnikov » Became 73 - the summer inhabitant of settlement the Elbow. To it swindlers have come in the morning on July, 14th.

- It too has described gatecrashers: the two men, one at age, another are younger, - the chief of criminal investigation department Alexander Suchkov speaks. - they have told to the woman that, ostensibly, to all who already is 70 years old, surcharge to pension &ndash is put; 42 thousand roubles.   that them to receive, it is necessary to pay only the tax at a rate of 4200 roubles and to undersign for receipts. After the deceived woman has given to swindlers money, they have presented to it a medical magnetic bracelet on a hand and have disappeared. Having waited see you in the evening and having understood that the bracelet in no way does not help it, she was converted into police.

Every dog has his day

Swindlers have detained in settlement Glinishchevo of Bryansk area on July, 14th.

- In territory of Brjanshchiny the plan « has been installed; Interception » - Andrey Gajdukov tells the deputy chief of branch of police Dubrovsky of municipal area. -   the Ambulatory traffic police squad of traffic police has detained for examination silvery « the Field - Chevrolet ». In it, except the driver, there were two men, on the signs similar to the searched.

the Driver and passengers have passed employees it is investigatory - operative group. According to the driver, men have employed it as the taxi driver.

- It was found out that swindlers, except village Chipinichi have called in in area village Vjazovsk Dubrovsky where also tried to take hold of a roguish way money of the elderly local resident, - speak in a press - service UMVD. - But the woman has not followed the tastes of strangers, has called the relative who has there and then arrived and has expelled lzhesotsrabotnikov.

Now suspects are arrested, speak in a press - service. Under weight of incontestable proofs they recognised the participation in perfect crimes. Concerning them criminal case under article « is brought; Swindle ». The investigation is carried on.