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In Novokuybyshevsk a boat ispolosoval the woman the screw

on July, 22nd the company of young men has gone on small river Krivusha which is in Novokuybyshevsk. The official beach and anchor buoys there is not present, but unless it can stop excited with a heat having a rest? Has not kept them from bathing and that on small river boats and motor boats at times float.

According to the eyewitnesses, one of having a rest has swum away too far. Also has not had time to evade from a boat which has driven directly on it. The driver of a vessel has not stopped, having left to die the bleeding profusely swimmer. From the received traumas the woman has died - as a matter of fact, to it the screw has unstitched a stomach.

- the Novokuybyshevsk investigatory department brings criminal case under article « death causing on imprudence ». There is poll of witnesses, - Paul Dokuchayev, the head of investigatory department of Novokuybyshevsk of investigatory management of investigatory committee of the Russian Federation across the Samara region has told.

the Person of the driver of a boat establish. But serious term to it hardly shines. After all officially bathing on small river was forbidden...