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“ Tallinn-cultural capital of Europe - 2011 “ represents:

In park Kadriorg birthday on July, 22nd, 2011

In picturesque space of one of the most beautiful parks of Estonia products of known composers of an epoch of baroque, romanticism, modern jazz compositions performed by the best musical collectives of St.-Petersburg will sound.

the Photo: it is given « Tallinn – Cultural capital of Europe - 2011 »

Music will help to recreate atmosphere « Cities from dreams » – its streets, palaces, quays and parks. The program consists of three parts representing different epoch   stories of Petersburg.

three scenic platforms - island and a rotunda on Swan   become the Basic scene of action; to a pond, a front staircase and the Flower bed before a palace,   Kīķöåšņķą’ a platform at a fountain.

picturesque landscapes of park will be Natural scenery.

16. 00 – 19. 00 Island and a rotunda on the Swan pond

Music and ancient dances of an epoch of baroque

· the Quintet « Olympic BRASS » (St.-Petersburg)

· Theatre of baroque dance « Small Trianon » (St.-Petersburg)

· Theatre « art - Grotesque » (Tallinn)

· Dancing studio « the Vis-a-vis » (Tallinn)

Performed by the Petersburg and Tallinn actors baroque pastorals and genre scenes in natural scenery of park will revive.

16. 30 – 20. 00   the Front staircase   and a flower bed before the Ekaterina`s palace

« Summer garden Music »

the Photo: it is given « Tallinn – Cultural capital of Europe - 2011 »

In   zhivopisnejshem a park corner music of Russian and European composers XIX and the beginnings of the XX-th centuries performed by a musical quartet « will sound; Ma. Gr. Yokes. It is scarlet » a string quartet of Stravinsky with Estonian pianist Stenom   Lassmannom, and also a known Tallinn trio « the Romance ».

17. 30 - 21. 30 Concert platform at a fountain

« Melodies of the White nights »

Will open a concert Choral theatre of St.-Petersburg with the program « Breathing spirits and fogs … ».

Before inhabitants of Tallinn musicians already well familiar to the European investigators « will act young, but; the Siskin - a jazz - a quartet » (Chizhik - Jazz - Quartet) and masters of the Russian jazz – David Goloschyokin`s ensemble and   singer Elvira Trafova.

classical jazz products and the pieces of music of the Petersburg authors cast by atmosphere of a city Will sound.

the Program « the City from dreams » will allow all who will visit this day Kadriorg,   to hear   special music of Petersburg and   to touch secrets of its history.

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