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In holiday abroad - without debts

However preparation for rest can appear single: those physical persons from inhabitants of the Kemerovo region who has saved up debts for thermal energy before Open Society « Kuzbassenergo » hardly will easily be registered on the taking off plane, it are threatened with parting with dreams and money already spent for travel.

last year on representation of different structures from - for debts the copper basin covered holiday for 290,7 thousand Russians. This year court enforcement officers only for four months have forbidden trip abroad almost to 120 thousand debtors.

All it becomes in full conformity from item 5 of item 15 of the Federal law from 15. 08. 1996 114 - FZ « about an order of departure from the Russian Federation and entrance to the Russian Federation ». According to the law, the right of the citizen of the Russian Federation to departure from the country can temporarily be limited, in a case if it evades from execution of the obligations imposed on it by court.

Now debts of citizens (physical persons) for consumed thermal energy with hot water and heating before Open Society « Kuzbassenergo » makes across the Kemerovo region more than 24 million rbl. Delayed it is considered debts at a neopayment of services over two settlement periods (months).

With a view of compulsion of debtors of for payment saved up non-payments by company management claims in judicial bodies move. After decision-making of the court, ordering to pay debts, executive manufactures on which court enforcement officers operate already are raised, closing « a gate » abroad before unfair citizens.

For the purpose of overlapping of possible openings of Open Society « Kuzbassenergo » also has come into contact to management companies, having distributed them instructions about an order of filing of application in service of court enforcement officers about evading debtors.

That « especially forgetful » Were not dumbfounded from « a surprise » from - for registered a debt to a rack of check in of the airport, experts of the company advise before rest planning abroad to learn: a leah is not present debts on fee.

Pay a debt - and live in confidence that summer holiday will not be spoilt on own fault!